Little Bulldogs, Big Hearts: What You Need To Know About Mini-French Bulldogs

Frenchies are small – but did you know that there are smaller Frenchies?

That is what we call a Mini French Bulldog, a smaller, cute, and lovable miniature Frenchie. They are the little charming variation of the standard-sized French Bulldog.

They’ll make excellent companions and could practically fit in your pocket (well, maybe not, but you’d still want to do it!).

In this article we will talk about them – their appearance, how we should take care of them, and so much more.

Mini French Bulldog Info & Facts


Although they are smaller than typical, Mini French Bulldogs are nonetheless 100% genuine Frenchies.

With the exception of having shorter legs and being lighter, they share all the same endearing traits of the original Frenchie. Miniatures are between one and two inches shorter and one and sixteen pounds lighter.

The minimum height requirement for a genuine mini French Bulldog is 11 inches.

Mini French Bulldog Temperament

This breed is renowned for having a sweet personality.

A small French bulldog is a cheerful, loving dog who will brighten every space they enter. They will want to spend every moment with you since they are so full of life and love. They are not energetic dogs, but they are very expressive and playful.

They enjoy being around children. Just make sure your dog doesn’t feel threatened by them. They are quite delicate and shouldn’t be played with by rowdy or young youngsters.

This dog will easily tire out, allowing you to enjoy yourself with your small dog without ever going overboard.

They are never aggressive toward people, but they have been known to be protective of their owners.

Mini French Bulldog Exercise and Care

French Bulldogs thrive in apartments and smaller homes because they don’t require a lot of space. They shouldn’t gain weight if they take a few daily 15-minute walks. Keep the Frenchie in a cool, cozy environment. He needs a cool environment because he is prone to heat exhaustion. This dog cannot remain outside on a hot day.

The beautiful part about this breed is that little upkeep is required — they don’t need lots of grooming.

They have very few hair sheds from their sleek, silky coat. To preserve their coat, brush them once a week with a medium-bristle brush. You should brush them once a week to help eliminate dead hair and circulate the skin’s oils throughout the coat. Face cleaning is the only additional grooming procedure required for Mini French Bulldogs.

The Mini French Bulldog’s Potential Health Issues That Shouldn’t Be Ignored

The health of small French Bulldogs is one of their primary issues.

It is well known that French Bulldogs generally inherit health problems from their parents. The most common issue is brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome.

All Frenchies have a flattened face, but the severity of the condition varies depending on the length of the face; the shorter the face, the worse the issue. According to one study, brachycephalic obstructive airway disease causes roughly 70–75 percent of French Bulldogs to require a vet visit at some point.

Hip dysplasia, patellar luxation, eye disorders, and cardiac problems are further prevalent inherited conditions. Also known to afflict these dogs are autoimmune diseases and skin allergies.

Mini French Bulldog Mixes

The best breeds to mix with French Bulldogs to result in miniature ones are the following:

  • French Bulldog + Pug (Frug)
  • French Bulldog + Chihuahua (French Bullhuahua)
  • French Bulldog + Pomeranian (French Pomerdog)
  • French Bulldog + Corgi
  • French Bulldog + Chow Chow (French Chow Dog)

Mini French Bulldog Puppy Cost 

They’re expensive just like regular Frenchies.

To breed a Mini French Bulldog ethically is not easy and takes time.

This is why healthy puppies are expensive and can cost you anywhere between $2,500 and $10,000. They are so expensive because French Bulldogs often need C-sections to give birth. Also, the mom is not big enough to produce more than 2-3 puppies at a time.

Other factors also affect their price.

The coat color is one of the most important factors.

More common colors, like fawn or brindle, can cost $2,500-$3,500, but rarer colors like blue or chocolate will cost $3,500-$5,000. If you are looking for the elusive merle or lilac colors, the price jumps even more, ranging from $5,000-$10,000.

Mini French Bulldog Dog Alternatives

All terrier breeds, including the border terrier, are excellent options.

Looking for a fun-loving breed? Dog trainer and certified groomer Amy Terceira, CTC, of Dog Gone Good, advises: “Think about a border terrier, a West Highland terrier, a Norwich or Norfolk terrier, or a terrier mix.”

She claims “These breeds are strong and they rarely experience health problems. They are kind and like spending time with the family. As long as they get daily walks and their modest exercise needs are satisfied, these terriers can live well in apartments. They are very motivated and have great, feisty personalities, which is helpful for training activities. Particularly the border terrier is not known for barking extensively unless their requirements are not being addressed. They are courageous, self-assured small dogs.

Cairn terriers are little dogs that are generally healthy as an alternative.

Despite not typically being considered a breed for first-time dog owners, Eileen Holst-Grubbe, CTC of Great Day Dog Training notes that the cairn terrier has a personality that someone admiring a Frenchie may find appealing. 

They possess the terrier snark that may cause a first-time owner to second-guess himself, but I’ve discovered that with some training (a skilled professional is your best choice) and other forms of intellectual stimulation, their zeal for life can be properly handled. They are active tiny dogs, but because of their short legs, I’ve discovered that it doesn’t take as much physical exercise to wear them out.


Mini Frenchies, a smaller variation of the classic French Bulldog, have their own features that people would seek to take. These cute, lovely animals give a one-of-a-kind experience to their owners with how small they are. If you want to give your family a tiny pet that could give explosive excitement and joy everyday, then a Mini Frenchie is a great dog just for you.


How do breeders achieve the mini French Bulldog Puppies?

In order to create the little Frenchie appearance, breeders crossbred the French Bulldog with a separate, smaller dog breed.

How do I know if a mini French bulldog is a right breed for me?

Any dog is great as long as they’re perfect in your living environment. Mini Frenchies are great with small to medium-sized houses. Either way, they give a lot of joy and happiness in a home where they’re taken care of properly.

What are the main problems with Mini French Bulldogs?

They are prone to health issues such as breathing problems which are common to any bulldog breed. Proper care of health and exercise can prevent these to happen.