Barking Mad: How to Handle Your French Bulldog’s Excessive Barking

Generally speaking, French Bulldogs don’t bark a lot. As a result, they make excellent pets for those who live in apartments or have children yet don’t want an aggressive-looking type of dog.

This article on French Bulldog barking and issues includes a list of possible causes, advice on how to stop a Frenchie from barking, and results from a survey of Frenchie owners. You should now have sufficient knowledge to make an informed decision.

Do French Bulldogs bark a lot?

French Bulldogs rarely bark.

As a protective instinct, Frenchies will only do so occasionally when he believes someone is at the door, but he is otherwise quite quiet and uses a variety of communication techniques.

French Bulldogs’ less excessive barking is a result of their breeding. Rather than being a breed created to be a security dogs, they have evolved to be companion dogs for humans.

Common Reasons Why They Bark

There are numerous potential causes.

  • They’re protective of their owners. When strangers approach or the doorbell rings, for example, dogs will bark to protect their owners.
  • They crave attention. For instance, when a dog wants to play, be fed, or be allowed to leave the house, it may bark for attention.
  • Aggressive towards others. Aggressive barking at other dogs was recorded by some Frenchie owners, particularly those of females who hadn’t yet been neutered.
  • They hate to be alone. When an owner left the house or, occasionally, even a room, a dog would bark when left alone.
  • They’re hurt. Your French bulldog may be trying to inform you there’s a pain in them by barking when they are.

How do I get my French Bulldog to stop barking?

Here are some tips to get your Frenchie stop barking:

  1. Quiet command with a treat

The first thing you can do is give your Frenchie the “quiet” command if you want them to stop barking. This entails waiting for a little moment after they have stopped before saying “quiet,” “good boy,” and praising with a goodie.

  1. Remain composed and avoid raising your voice.

You should constantly maintain your composure. Dogs respond to human behavior and frequently imitate it. This implies that if you yell at them to stop barking, they may continue to do so.

  1. Keep your dog engaged and active.

Because of their lack of excitement and ennui, some Frenchies will bark. Do you give your Frenchie enough exercise or do they have enough toys to keep them mentally engaged?

Usually, a tired dog results in a good dog who won’t bark nonstop.


French Bulldogs often don’t bark a lot. They are a fantastic option if you want a quiet dog.

If your Frenchie does have a barking issue, attempt to identify the underlying cause and seek to eliminate the behavior. With enough persistence and patience, you should be able to teach your French Bulldog to quit barking. This breed is relatively simple to train.


What do French Bulldogs bark at most?

Most respondents to the study reported that their Frenchies bark at visitors at the door as well as at persons or animals that they could see outside via windows or fences. Both of these are natural instincts that dogs have.

Why Do French Bulldogs Bark So Weird?

It can be their method of telling the owner that something is wrong or that they need something. They frequently just bark for fun. A Frenchie that barks nonstop at everything and everyone may be trying to tell you something—a health issue, anxiety, or a behavior problem with regard to fear or territory.

Why Does My French Bulldog Not Bark?

French Bulldogs’ lack of excessive barking is a result of their breeding. Rather than being a breed created to be security dogs, they have evolved to be companion dogs for humans.

Do French Bulldogs bark when left alone?

The majority of Frenchies are fine when left alone for brief periods of time, although they adore their owners and can experience separation anxiety. Sometimes, separation anxiety might lead to harmful behavior like barking or howling.