Tail-end Of The Story: Do French Bulldogs Really Have Tails?

Have you been looking to adopt or buy a Frenchie, then all of a sudden you ask, “why does this cutie have no tail?”

Today, in this article we will tackle the meme-worthy question: Do Frenchies have a tail? 

Let’s slide through it!

Are French Bulldogs Born with Tails?

French Bulldogs Tails

French Bulldogs do really have tails. The rumps, which are topped with a small tail, are one of the cutest features of French Bulldogs. The American Kennel Club (AKC) states that a Frenchie‘s tail can be straight or corkscrew-shaped, but it is always short by nature. It would appear that a small tail would be simpler to keep clean and healthy than a big tail, however, this is untrue.

The length of a Frenchie’s tail varies from birth to birth. There will be varying lengths of tails. A Frenchie puppy’s tail used to be partially or completely docked by breeders in order to increase their chances of winning in the show ring.

Although it is no longer acceptable, some breeders continue to partially dock tails. French Bulldogs with these modified tails may be found at shelters or rescues.

What are the Types of French Bulldog Tails?

French bulldogs have three different types of short tails: thick roots with a very fine tip, straight down and stumpy, and screwed and stumpy.

Most individuals are unaware that historically, Frenchies have had long tails. However, these fuzzy gremlins now have short, thick tails as a result of selective breeding. People intended to “create” a Frenchie with a short tail because this breed had previously been employed for dog fights and bull baitings. There were consequently fewer opportunities for a dog to sustain a tail injury. Thankfully, dog fighting is no longer permitted, but the short tail of this charming and affectionate breed has survived.

To sum up, the requirements for a French bulldog tail are that it must cover the anus and cannot raise above the horizontal.

French Bulldog Tail Structure

French bulldogs have short tails by nature from birth. The dog’s tail can be anything from a few inches long to nonexistent in some cases. The French Bulldog tail should be short, hung V-shaped, with a thick base and fine tip, and carried low when at rest. It should not be curly.

What Is A French Bulldog Tail Pocket?

French Bulldogs Tails

Simply put, a tail pocket is a little indentation or fold of skin beneath your French Bulldog’s tail that is brought on by folds of extra skin. They are more prevalent in bulldogs and other wrinkly breeds.

How To Properly Take Care Of Your Frenchie And His Tail Pocket

French Bulldogs Tails

Cleaning advice for a bulldog tail pocket number one: Thoroughly clean the area and remove any dirt and debris.

Gently clean the area by removing dirt with a damp, clean cloth or hypoallergenic wipe until the area is spotless. Be extremely cautious and delicate when handling the bulldog’s tail pockets. Up until the infection is healed, regularly clean your Frenchie’s tail pocket. After that, you may maintain your dog’s healthy tail pocket by cleaning it a few times a week to avoid further infections.

Number two: always keep them dry.

After thoroughly washing it, be sure to let the area air dry. You want to make sure the pocket is dry since moisture can easily become trapped inside and lead to an infection.

Can French Bulldogs Wag Their Tails?

The length and curve of the French Bulldog’s tail have led some people to believe that they are unable to wag their tails. It is incorrect that French Bulldogs cannot wag their tails; they can! Frenchies’ extremely short tails make their wagging less noticeable. Because of how short their tails are, they occasionally struggle to do it.

Therefore, a French bulldog’s tail-wagging may not be as noticeable as other happy dogs. 


To answer your question about Frenchies’ tails, yes, they exist. They are quite smaller due to breeding results, and to some people, they dock the tails of their pups. However, this should not be a concern! Frenchies get excited and will love you more than their lives even though they are not visibly seen. They are still one of the best breeds out there when it comes to love, loyalty, and friendship.


Why does my Frenchie have a long tail?

It is natural – a Frenchie originally has a long tail. For some reason, other Frenchies have a shorter tail than usual but having a long tail is their original trait.

Are there any issues with short-tailed bulldogs?

Short-tailed bulldogs have no issues, and they are the same with other dogs that shows love and affectionate towards its owners.