Haven’t You Heard Why Are French Bulldogs So Expensive?

Why Are They Expensive?

For a number of reasons, the French Bulldog is pricey. Here are some of the reasons why.

  • Breeding Challenges

The breed might not even exist if people and scientific knowledge weren’t as advanced as they are now.

Approximately 80% of the time, the French Bulldog is unable to reproduce normally. The male is unable to mount the female because of the size of their hips.

Consequently, artificial insemination is necessary. However, the issues continue after then.

The childbirth process is obviously complicated because the French Bulldog’s head is fairly huge and the birthing canal is relatively tiny.

The litter must therefore be delivered via cesarean section. Let’s focus on these two pressing issues only.

  • Finding a male

A breeder will often locate a stud who will provide his sperm. Typically, they “lease” studs rather than keeping them on-site.

Finding the correct stud is an important step in the process since the breeder needs to have faith in the health of the stud’s parentage, history, and other factors as well.

Stud fees can cost anywhere from $500 to $2000, and overnight delivery can easily add another $200. If you want quality, expect to pay a high amount.

  • Artificial Insemination

The breeders won’t accomplish artificial insemination on their own unless they have received adequate training in it.

They must ask their veterinarian to examine the sperm and carry out the insemination. This can cost about $100, though the price varies greatly.

  • Birth Difficulties

Unfortunately, natural birth is difficult due to the French Bulldog’s short birth canal and a huge head.

Consequently, a cesarean section is necessary to deliver the puppies. The surgery takes roughly 90 minutes after the mother receives general anesthesia.

Again, costs vary, and you may find the operation marketed for anywhere between $500 and $2000. This is not a cheap technique and increases the breeder’s expenses.

Are All French Bulldogs Equally Expensive?

In most cases, breeders that have good reviews sell Frenchie pups from $1500 to $3000 according to the expenses they have used.

If you see a breeder that sells the pups cheap, then you as a prospective Frenchie owner should take extra care when choosing this breed. It can be difficult to choose the appropriate breeder, but there are several questions you should ask the breeder before you take one of their puppies home.

Price Of Black And Tan Frenchies

Black and tan – these rare colored pups can range from $4000 to $6000 – which is 2 to 3 times higher cost than a regular Frenchie.

Price Of Blue Fawn Frenchies

Blue fawn Frenchies cost around $6500. The rarity of the color shows the price tag of the Frenchie as it has an adorable yet magnificent look!

Price Of Blue Frenchies

Same as how rare Blue Fawn Frenchies are, they also cost around $6500.

Price Of Brindle French Bulldogs

Brindle Frenchie

Any colored Brindle Frenchie costs around $4000 per pup.

French Bulldog Price Chart(Adult/Puppy/Female)

The price of the color will increase with its rarity.















Grey and White










Things To Consider Before Buying A French Bulldog

Here are several things to consider before buying a Frenchie:

  • Verify the knowledge of the breeder regarding breeding and puppy care. Before even going to the breeder, I would always conduct some internet research on them.
  • A puppy that appears to be being sold for an exceptionally low price may actually be unhealthy.
  • Inquire to see whether the puppy’s family has any back or spinal concerns.
  • A French Bulldog should ideally only have one litter per year, if not just once per few years, therefore ask the breeder how many litters the mother has given birth to. Any more than that is a red flag for over-breeding and the possibility of health problems.
  • Inquire about the puppy’s examination by a veterinarian and its vaccination history. If not, turn around because the breeder should take care of this before the puppies are sold.
  • Request to meet the puppy’s parents; while this may not always be possible with the mother, it is a requirement. If the breeder won’t let you view the mother, leave right away because this is a massive red flag.
  • Find out where the puppies have been living; if they have been kept in a cellar or garage, they won’t have had as much exposure to social interaction and may be more difficult to teach.
  • Find out how frequently the puppies have been touched because it will be much simpler to adapt them to the thrill that awaits when you take them home the more frequently the young puppies have been handled by humans.
  • Request to speak with a former customer. The best breeders would be pleased to connect you with individuals who have previously purchased a Frenchie puppy from them. If they don’t provide these references, they might be keeping something from you.


Many owners say that Frenchies warm their hearts for their cute, cuddly, and lovable traits. However, the cost that they’ve spent on them is huge compared to other breeds. As a future Frenchie owner, you should consider the cost that you may need to get one. We are hoping that this article would help you to consider buying one. We know that Frenchies are a rare breed: but we assure you that when you get the most healthy even the most expensive one, they’ll be worth every penny you’ve spent them to take care of.


What is the most expensive French bulldog color?

Any Frenchie color yet fluffy is expensive. They can cost up to $11000 and up, depending on the breeder.

What am I paying for when I spend a lot on a French Bulldog?

What you’re paying for the most when buying a Frenchie are the costs the breeder has to spend on the pup’s healthy litter. A reputable breeder will do their best to give owners the best Frenchie they could ever give, and they spend a lot of money for that.

Does crossbreeding reduce their price?

Crossbreeding may reduce a Frenchie’s price. However, everything depends on the health of the Frenchie – some of these pups are sent to a loving foster home rather than sold.

Will my French Bulldog require expensive dog food and toys?

Fortunately, any dog toys, even inexpensive as long as they could play and get trained are good. For food, they cost a lot because they are in need of a healthy diet for them to live longer.