Why French Bulldogs Are So Expensive: Explained

French Bulldogs are some of the most expensive dogs in the world. The fact that the French Bulldog is rapidly rising in popularity may be a contributing factor. While other breeds may cost less to keep, French Bulldogs require more care and attention than other dogs. This means that they can command a higher price tag.

Health demands

French Bulldogs are required to have constant checkups and treatment for routine health issues such as hip dysplasia, eye infections, allergies, and other health concerns. Exported French Bulldogs typically cost more than domestic dogs because the dog is not covered by many health insurance plans in the United States.

French Bulldogs

Breeding costs

Artificial insemination is often used to breed these dogs and this can add significantly to the breeding costs. Furthermore, because of their narrow pelvis, female French Bulldogs may have difficulty conceiving naturally, and C-sections are typically necessary because their pups have such big heads.

Food demands

Their diet typically consists of a high-quality diet that includes fresh vegetables and fruits, protein, fats, pellets, vitamins, and water. As if that weren’t enough, French Bulldogs are also susceptible to environmental allergies and food allergies. This can also lead Frenchies to cost significantly higher to keep than other dog breeds.

French Bulldogs

Things To Consider Before Buying A French Bulldog

When looking for a French bulldog, some factors to consider are price, colors, breeding costs, pedigree, and cost to keep. Additionally, the health issues and frequency of vet visits should be considered. French Bulldogs are expensive but can be worth the investment as they have good temperaments and long lifespans.

How much should I pay for a french bulldog?

French Bulldogs

The price of a French bulldog will vary depending on its breeder’s reputation and the location where you purchased it. Prices for purebred French Bulldog puppies range from $2,000 to $ 7,000. But there are those who might demand tens of thousands of dollars.

You also need to consider the gender of the dog and the rarity of its coat color and patterns. The lilac, chocolate, merle, and blue Frenchies are among the most expensive. Typically, one can expect to pay a minimum of $6,000 for these rare colors.

Feeding them quality food monthly costs between $70 and $225. The average annual vet bill for an adult French bulldog is $330-$725. Vaccinations can cost as much as $500 or more. However, if you want to save money on vet bills, you may choose to invest $10 to $250 in insurance.


The French Bulldog is ranked among the most expensive canine breeds in the world. The demand for them is growing, and they also require more maintenance and upkeep. They may be costly, but the joy they bring as a companion makes it worthwhile.

French Bulldogs


Do french bulldogs have health issues?

Yes, French bulldogs have health problems. Some problems that have been seen in French Bulldogs include allergies, eye infections, hip dysplasia, and other health complications.

How much exercise do they need?

Most people believe that dogs need a lot of exercise, but the truth is that French Bulldogs don’t need as much as other dog breeds. While the average dog may require up to two hours of exercise per day, a French Bulldog only needs less than an hour. This is because French Bulldogs are so active and playful.

Is a french bulldog the right dog for me?

These dogs are friendly with children and are the perfect companion for people who spend a lot of time at home and who enjoy cuddling and interacting with their canine companion. The fact that they are friendly, lovable, and don’t bark excessively makes them a good candidate for your affection. While they possess a high level of intelligence, they also tend to be quite stubborn.

Why are french bulldogs such a popular breed?

Some of the qualities that make them so popular include their loyalty and protectiveness towards humans, as well as the intelligence they possess. While there are many other breeds of bulldog out there, French Bulldogs are considered to be one of the most beguiling and unique thereof.

French Bulldogs