What You Need To Know About The Breeding of French Bulldogs

Frenchies are loving creatures that many consider buying and adopting. Despite having a short life of more than a decade, they bring joy and laughter to homes, helping their families enjoy life to the fullest.

The original “Frenchies” were raised in Nottingham in the 1800s by lace makers who intended to produce a tiny, toy-sized variation of the English Bulldog. While looking for jobs, artisans immigrated to France in the 1860s and brought these dogs with them. They brought along these tiny bulldogs to be maintained on the farms as companions and to fend off rodents.

This tough dog immediately became beloved in these rural farming areas in northern France. There, they gained popularity and acquired the appellation “French bulldogs.”

Would you like to become one of those people who could share bliss to others by breeding them? Let’s dive deep into the article to learn more about breeding such amazing, cute, and beautiful pups.

Breed Traits & Characteristics

French Bulldogs

They stand in the height of 11 to 13 inches, with a weight of 16 to 28 pounds. Frenchies has a lifespan of 10 to 12 years, with a typical small breed size of 0-25 pounds.

These adorable cuties are good with children, senior dogs, cats, and families. Their temperament should be tolerated though, even if they’re gentle, they’re too friendly, outgoing and playful.

When it comes to intelligence, they’re not as smart as a Golden Retriever or a Labrador, but they can obey as much as you train them well. They shed a normal amount of fur, and the good news is, their exercise need is low because they’re prone to overheating in a short duration of time.

Their energy level is cool, calm and collected. French Bulldogs only bark when necessary, and they drool a lot.

Though they are bred originally to fend off rodents, their breed group is non-sporty. Grooming essentials is not that hard since they have a short coat length, and if you love cream-colored pups, they commonly has cream-fawn and white colors.

How To Breed French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs

Here are some steps how to breed Frenchies.

  1. Pick dogs with successful breeding records. When breeding French Bulldogs, it’s important to pick dogs with a good health history and traits you want to pass on to the puppies.
  2. Follow the ovulation cycle of your female. Once a female begins spotting five days into her cycle, she usually begins ovulating. The start of her reproductive cycle will be indicated by a little blood and irritation.
  3. When the ovulating female is present, pair the dogs. Put the female in the same room as your stud once you’ve determined that she’s ovulating. To help support the female while the male mounts her, it is preferable to place one hand on her collar and the other beneath her ribs.

Artificial insemination is another simple and secure method of breeding Frenchies. Instead of actually physically mating the two dogs, you might ask the veterinarian for help artificially inseminating your female. Veteran breeders frequently opt for this procedure since it might be much easier on the female.

Future of French Bulldog Breeding

French Bulldogs

The future of French bulldog breeding is uncertain but bright. Recent advancements in dog genetics have resulted in a more versatile and manageable bulldog breed that is becoming increasingly popular in both American and European countries.

French bulldog breeding is experiencing a resurgence in popularity due to the dog’s versatile personality and many ability that make it well-suited for multiple tasks. French bulldog breeding offers a variety of qualities that are popular with today’s families.

Health Concerns When Breeding French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs

They belong to the brachycephalic breed. This means that due of the structure of their head, muzzle, and throat, they are more likely to experience challenging, obstructed breathing. BOAS is a disorder that impairs reproduction and results in exhaustion.

The breed is also plagued by serious health problems such hip dysplasia, aberrant vertebrae, and/or intervertebral discs that have already begun to degenerate prematurely. Breeders must keep looking for ways to improve the health and well-being of French bulldogs due to these health issues. In order to assure high-quality and healthy Frenchie puppies, a competent breeder will do the required genetic tests.

How Do You Know Your Dam Is Pregnant?

French Bulldogs

According to American Kennel Club, you might see these signs for a pregnant Frenchie:

  • Growth in appetite
  • Gaining weight
  • Enlargement of the nipple.
  • Bloated belly.
  • Easily tired
  • Nesting habits
  • Gets irritated easily

How Long Does the Pregnancy of a French Bulldog Last?

French Bulldogs

When it comes to gestational durations, French bulldogs are similar to other dog breeds. A Frenchie pregnancy normally lasts 63 days on average from conception to delivery, however it can last anywhere from 58 and 68 days.

How Many Puppies Can You Look Forward To?

French Bulldogs

In its lifetime, a French Bulldog can have up to four litters. There will be an average of three puppies in each of these litters, or 12 total. As a result, you can anticipate having 12 puppies total from your Frenchie during her lifetime.


French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs are a popular breed among families today. Are you up to breeding them?

This article serves as your guide to breeding them. Always remember, these cute and lovely dogs can take as much as four times ONLY to get preggy in their lifetime. These dogs are not only for breeding but also they are in need of love and care from a respectable breeder. If you’re planning to give joy to people by breeding them, make sure to give your pups the love that they deserve too.


How Much is a French Bulldog?

In the United States, a French Bulldog typically costs between $1,500 and $3,000. Depending on the breeder’s reputation and location, this cost may change.

What is the Cycle of a French Bulldog Dam?

Between 6 to 9 months, French Bulldogs reach sexual maturity, and females often experience their first heat cycle. If not spayed, some will begin to cycle every six months, while others may take one to two years to establish a regular cycle and will cycle randomly until then.

What To Expect When Caring For a French Bulldog

They are cuddly and renowned for their farting, wheezing, snoring, and snorting as well. When they play, sleep, and eat, Frenchies do have a tendency to make a lot of noise.

Why can’t French Bulldogs mate naturally or breed and reproduce on their own?

Due to the way they have been bred, French Bulldogs are unable to reproduce on their own. Short legs, a compact body, and narrow hips are the results of this. In order to breed, the male Frenchie is unable to mount the female effectively.

Is Breeding French Bulldogs Hard?

The Frenchie dog breed is difficult to reproduce. Frenchies are among the most difficult dogs to breed, and there are a lot of factors to consider while producing Frenchie puppies.

French Bulldogs