Ear Infections And Frenchies: What You Need To Know To Keep Your Pup Healthy

French Bulldog Ear Facts

Frenchies have narrow ear canals which provide a wet and warm environment for bacteria and yeast to thrive. Frenchies were mostly bred for their smooshed skulls and flat heads, thus, their ear canal was narrowed. Usually, the wax in a dog’s ear moves upward but the narrow canal in Frenchies results in downward motion causing a build up of wax and dirt particles inside the canal. 

French Bulldog Ear Problems

Frenchies are prone to ear infections and otitis. Coupled with their genetic disposition to skin diseases, their ears are prone to infection. Sometimes the infection is severe and requires surgery, but they are usually milder.

Types of Ear Infections in French bulldogs

The most common ear infections in French bulldogs is otitis interna and otitis externa. Otitis interna is the inflammation of the inner ear and is most associated with bacteria and yeast. Otitis externa is the inflammation of the cells lining the external ear canal. Environmental factors causing skin diseases and bacteria have been identified as the cause of otitis externa.

Cause of ear infections in French bulldogs

Ear infections are a common problem in dogs and are likely caused by the improper care of their ears. The Frenchie ear shape and structure is ideal for bacteria to flourish and Frenchies are genetically predisposed to certain skin conditions. If you do not regularly clean their ears, dirt, wax, and bacteria build up and cause inflammation in and around the ears. Other causes include endocrine disorders, allergies, injury to the ear canal, and excessive cleaning of the ear canal.

How To Prevent French Bulldog Ear Infections

Cleaning the ears whenever they are visibly dirty is a good place to start in preventing ear infections. However, if your dog displays constant ear infections, your veterinarian can help uncover the underlying issue.

French Bulldog Ear Cleaner and Other Essentials

French Bulldogs often experience ear infections, which is why keeping their ears clean is a key part of their care. Cleaning the exterior flaps is easy since you will need wipes, preferably baby wipes, and an ear cleaning solution made for dogs. The interior of the ear is quite tricky and you should be careful to not stick things inside the canal. Instead of purchasing ear cleaning solutions, you can use vinegar and warm water. Use a ratio of 1:1, or less vinegar than water if your dog has an infection.


Frenchies have adorable ears that are prone to infection. The structure of their head and ear canals makes them susceptible to infections. Other genetic health concerns also contribute to ear infections. Thus, you should clean their ears whenever dirty, and consult your vet if the infections persist.


Are French Bulldogs prone to ear infections?

Yes, they are. Their flat and compressed heads make for a narrow ear canal that is ideal for bacteria and yeast to thrive.

How do you treat an ear infection of a French bulldog at home?

You can use vinegar and warm water if you do not have access to ear cleaning solutions. Use a ratio of 1:1 or less vinegar than water if their ear is infected.

How long do ear infections last in French Bulldogs?

Mild infections resolve naturally within 1 to 2 weeks. It requires cleaning and appropriate medication

Why do French Bulldogs get ear infections?

French bulldogs are genetically predisposed to certain skin infections which affect their ear canal. The shape of their canals allows for a moist and warm environment, the perfect habitat for bacteria and fungi.