Things You Should Know About A French Bulldog’s C-Section

So, you’ve heard that French bulldogs undergo a c-section delivery when giving birth. Well, before your beloved pup goes under the knife, it’s best to have a clear understanding of what’s happening. A C-section is a surgical procedure used to remove an animal’s uterus, often in dogs and cats. The reason for a c-section is typically due to problems with the baby or the mother’s health, but can also occur when there are issues with the hip, vagina or bladder. 

Do Frenchies Have To Have C-Sections?

It is necessary for Frenchies to have c-sections because of their body structure. Unborn puppies can not fit through the birth canal because Frenchies have narrow hips. Natural delivery is often fatal to the mother and her puppies. C-section reduces mortality by ensuring successful deliveries.

How Many C-Sections Can a French Bulldog Have?

Frenchies are small and can only undergo c-sections 2 or 3 times in their lifetime. It’s important to let your pup recover fully before returning them for another c-section. Ideally, let one heat cycle pass before impregnating your pup.

Is It Ever Possible for a French Bulldog to Have a Natural Birth?

Natural births in Frenchies are relatively scarce, but only 80% give birth through c-section deliveries. There is no one answer to whether or not it is possible for a French bulldog to have a natural birth, but some experts believe so. However, to give your Frenchie and her pups a shot at life, c-section delivery is recommended.

Scheduling the Dog’s C-Section

C-sections are typically scheduled around six weeks before your pup’s due date. This allows time for your veterinarian to perform an ultrasound and measure the size of your pup’s c-section area. If the surgery is postponed, you may be able to reschedule with another veterinarian. 

Special Preparations for a French Bulldog C Section

C-sections are common and necessary procedures, so, you need to prepare your pup. Closely monitor your pup for labor and contractions 48 hours before her surgery. During this time you can bathe and feed her several small meals. However, do not feed them on her surgery day until the delivery is over, give them water instead. If they are under medication, consult your vet.

Before the Dog’s C-Section Surgery

Before the surgery, there are a couple of things to do in preparation. First, avoid flea and tick products the week before surgery. 3 days prior to the surgery, you can use an Adaptil (DAP) collar to help your pup relax. Keep your pup hydrated and do not feed them on the surgery day, unless directed otherwise by your vet. Lastly, alert your vet if you notice anything unusual about your pup.

Preparing for the C-Section Follow-Up Vet Visit

Most Frenchies recover quickly from a c-section, but it is slower if labor lasted for several hours.  Follow-up vet visits are precautionary measures and it’s when the stitches are removed if natural fiber or silk sutures were used. Otherwise, your Frenchie can recover fully at home.

Possible Complications Giving Birth Naturally or In A C-Section

Frenchies that give birth naturally are at risk of losing both their lives and the unborn puppies. There are a few potential complications when giving birth through a C-section, but they are the common concerns of most surgeries. Your pup can catch infections, experience internal hemorrhage, go under anesthesia, or the puppies may be injured or die during the process. 

Why You Need to Limit C-Sections

There are a few reasons why you might want to limit c-section deliveries. First, as puppies, dogs are particularly susceptible to other health problems that can be caused by surgery. Second, to protect the health and quality of life of the mother and her future puppies, as many breeders agree.


C-section is the safest means for your pregnant Frenchie and her puppies but it is not without concern. Thus, the days leading up to the surgery are critical and you should prepare accordingly. Lastly, try limiting the number of your Frenchie’s c-section surgeries to 3 during their lifetime.


What Happens During A French Bulldog’s C-Section?

A c-section is a surgical procedure in which a doctor removes the baby from the mother’s womb through surgery. The dog is placed under anesthesia and an incision is made on her abdomen. The incision is then stitched together after retrieving the puppies

What Happens During Canine C-Section Surgery?

Other dog breeds undergo c-sections on an emergency basis or if they previously experienced dystocia. The canines are placed under anesthesia and an abdominal incision is made to retrieve the puppies. The incision is then stitched together using sutures.

What It Is Like to Care For a French Bulldog After C Section

Due to the administered anesthesia, Frenchies can become disoriented immediately after the surgery. So, you should monitor her and the puppies until her motherly instincts kick in.

What Medical Care Do You Need to Do At Home After Canine C-Section Surgery?

In addition to resting for 7-10 days, ensure the incision wound is cleaned and dried. Gauze swabs are recommended for cleaning wounds. Avoid cotton balls since they may get caught in the sutures

What Should I Know About A French Bulldog’s Labor?

A French bulldog’s labor can last anywhere from 12 to 24 hours, but the average time is 18. The dog will need close attention during the delivery and after they are born, as it may have difficulty breathing or moving its limbs.