The Pregnant French Bulldog: Everything You Need To Know

French bulldogs are intelligent, loving, friendly breeds who require special care and attention during pregnancy because of their body structure. They have healthy pregnancies when well taken care of. Common symptoms include mucus discharge, increased appetite and weight, prominent nipples, nausea, diarrhoea, tiredness, and pre-eclampsia. Be sure to give your dog plenty of fluids and fresh food during the early stages of pregnancy. Include calcium in their diet to avoid eclampsia complications.

Identifying when your French Bulldog is Pregnant: 


Pregnant French bulldogs are not always easy to tell during the first couple of weeks. But, you can look out for appetite drop, tiresomeness and increased nipple size as early indicators. During the third week of pregnancy, a vet can use an ultrasound or hormone test to confirm the pregnancy. The foetuses are tiny and measure 1cm each. A week later, they develop further and a veterinarian can physically count their number. From this stage onwards, the mother tires easily and is irritable, starts nesting, becomes affectionate, and increases her weight and belly.

Taking Care Of Your French Bulldog Through Her Pregnancy

Your pup’s pregnancy can be stressful and proper care is important to avoid potential health issues. It’s important to provide your pup with enough food and water. The nutrients not only help her during pregnancy but also keeps them healthy. 

Keep your pup away from exercise if she is expecting. Her giving birth will require her to be in some form of physical activity for an extended period of time, so she may not be able to have as much fun as she would like. You also need to be aware of any health concerns your pup may exhibit and immediately address them.

The Length Of The Average French Bulldog Pregnancy

The average pregnancy in French bulldogs lasts 63 days. It is similar to other breeds but individual dogs may deliver a few days earlier or later. If you know the day your pup mated then expect delivery from the 58th day after insemination. Should the pregnancy exceed 68 days, consult your veterinarian. 

Stages Of The Pregnancy Of The French Bulldog

Pregnant French bulldogs experience four stages of their reproductive cycle.

  • Proestrus: Your pup’s body is adjusting as it prepares for mating, they may discharge blood and this stage averages 9 days.
  • Oestrus: Known as the mating stage, this period lasts 9 days. Conception occurs during this phase
  • Diestrus: This is the pregnancy stage that averages 63 days
  • Anestrus: After giving birth, your pup has at least 6 months of recovery before the next proestrus stage.

What A French Bulldog Looks Like When She’s Pregnant

French bulldogs are known for their incredibly short skulls. But what about their pregnant looks? Her coat will get thicker greasy or wet, she may produce milk from her breasts, shed fur, gain weight, produce a high-pitched wheeze and possibly experience back pain, and her personality will change. Initially, she’ll be curious, loving and full of energy, but she will gradually become reclusive.

Signs Of Labor In A French Bulldog

French bulldogs are different from other breeds when it comes to delivery. Due to their narrow hips, pregnant French bulldogs usually undergo a C-section. Thus, you should look out for nesting habits, loss of appetite, slight temperature drop, usually from 38.5°C to 37°C, shivering panting, hardened abdominals, and contractions that can be felt around the stomach. 

Possible Problems In A French Bulldog Pregnancy

During the onset of her pregnancy, weight gain increases the risk of dystocia. It is better to continue her regular diet until the 6th week when she requires more energy. French bulldogs mostly require a C-section delivery because of their narrow hips; thus, you need to take care of the incision to avoid infections.


When it comes to pregnant French bulldogs, there are a few things that owners should know. Your pup’s vaccinations should be up-to-date to avoid health issues and your pup’s weight should be monitored. Provide essential nutrients after consulting with your veterinarian and do not overfeed them. Finally, prepare yourself and your pup for a C-section delivery, since it is the safest method for the puppies.


What are the first signs of a French bulldog pregnancy?

When a French bulldog is pregnant, you may notice behavioral changes. Some of the changes include being more active and gradually becoming reclusive, and increasing appetite. If you are concerned about your bulldog’s pregnancy, be sure to ask your veterinarian for help monitoring their health and readiness for another child.

What are the stages of a Frenchie pregnancy?

The first stage is proestrus and it’s when your pup is developing eggs. They experience their first heat cycle when they are 6 months old.

The second stage is oestrus and it’s when your pup is ready for mating.

The third stage is diestrus and it’s when the puppies are born.

The last stage is anestrus and it’s a period of recovery and lactation.

Can French bulldogs get pregnant naturally?

Yes and no. Female French bulldogs have narrow hips which makes it hard for males to mount them. Thus, most breeders prefer artificial insemination to natural conception.