Red French Bulldog: Discovering the Unique and Adorable Frenchie Breed


A red French bulldog is a type of short-legged, muscular dog that features an orange or copper coat color known as “red.” Red is one of the most coveted and recognizable coat colors in the French Bulldog breed. This unique hue makes these dogs stand out among their brown and cream counterparts. Red French Bulldogs have been gaining popularity due to their striking appearance, playful personalities, and excellent health records when compared to other colors.

French Bulldogs, or “Frenchie” for short, are a small breed of domestic dog that originated in France during the 1800s. Classified as part of the Non-Sporting Group by the American Kennel Club, Frenchies have become a popular companions and show dogs due to their even temperament and adorable facial features.


red french bulldog

The “red” coat color of a French Bulldog is actually an orange or copper hue that ranges in shades. The color can range from a light strawberry blonde to darker auburn and will typically appear brighter in sunlight. In some cases, dogs may have lighter coats on the muzzle with darker highlights throughout the back and sides of their body.

In addition to having red coats, French Bulldogs also often feature white markings around their chest and paws as well as black masks over their eyes, which gives them unique facial expressions. Red pied Frenchies are frequently confused with brindle-colored dogs; however, the two colors have some distinct differences. Brindles will usually have stripes that vary in color from brown to black and can often appear grey or red depending on the light, while pied Frenchies typically have consistent patches of white throughout their coat.

Red is just one of several colors available for French Bulldogs, including cream, fawn gray, storm gray silver, fawn brindle chocolate and blue. Compared to other colors, red Frenchies are becoming increasingly rare and, therefore, may be more expensive depending on the breeder or pet store.


red french bulldog

As with any purebred dog, red French Bulldogs can be susceptible to health problems. Eye issues such as cherry eyeotherby_brian_carakeratopathe hcrustositis rhegmatogenadry eyesConjunctivitisycllridaarvitisand pigmentary uveitis are common in this breed. These issues can cause irritation and discomfort, so it is important for owners to routinely check their dog’s eyes for any signs of inflammation or redness.

French Bulldogs may also be more susceptible to Demodex mites which can lead to skin conditions such as mange or alopecia. Regularly grooming the coat, providing a balanced diet, and offering plenty of healthy exercises will help Frenchies maintain strong immune systems that can resist infestations.

Temperament and Training

red french bulldog

Though red French Bulldogs may be somewhat laid back due to their smaller size, they are also known for being energetic dogs with love for exercise. With regular exercise, owners can expect these pups to experience improved behavioral issues as well as more relaxed chests and benefit from the consistency of positive reinforcement-based training methods such as clicker training or puppy kindergarten classes. These exercises will help your Frenchie identify his or her toys, learn basic obedience commands and begin to socialize with other canines and humans.

Frenchies are also intelligent dogs that thrive on affection from their owners. While they may seem lazy at first, with proper training techniques like patience and consistency, these pups will quickly grow accustomed to life in a home- environment as long as there’s tons of love involved!


red french bulldog

The cost of a red French bulldog or any color for that matter can vary greatly depending on the breeder and other factors like registration history. Prices will typically range from around $1800 to over $4000, with smaller individuals usually running higher in cost than larger dogs due to their limited availability.

In addition to just the purchase price of a puppy, owners should also be prepared for regular veterinary costs such as routine vaccinationsconfirmationslf_inoculatntdrenratheannul_checkupvular_parasite preventive care, and other medical treatments necessary for the health of their pet.


red french bulldog

Overall, red French Bulldogs can make excellent companions due to their sociable personalities and affectionate nature. While somewhat rare, these pups do provide an attention-grabbing look that catches the eye in any setting. For those who are prepared to accept the responsibility of owning a high-maintenance breed such as a Frenchie, red pieds can be a great choice for both lapdogs and show dogs alike.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a red Frenchie?

A red French bulldog is a type of domestic dog that has an orange or copper coat color known as “red”. Red is one of the most sought-after coat colors in this breed due to its unique hue and striking appearance.

Are red-fawn French Bulldogs rare?

Yes, these dogs are quite rare as they stand out among their brown and cream counterparts. Depending on the breeder or pet store, these puppies may be slightly more expensive than other colors due to their limited availability.

What is the most expensive type of Frenchie?

The cost of any color of French bulldog can vary greatly depending on factors such as registration history, but more often than not, puppies with lighter coats tend to be slightly more expensive.

Do French Bulldogs bark a lot?

Barking is typically normal behavior for any dog breed and can range from light chirping to full-on loud howls. Generally speaking, French bulldogs are known as moderate barkers who do best in homes where there’s plenty of companionship and playtime available throughout the day.

Are French bulldogs smart dogs?

Yes, these little pups are known to be quite intelligent and thrive with consistent training methods like a clicker or lure-based training. With proper care and patience, most red French Bulldogs can easily learn basic commands and start to socialize well in dog-friendly areas.

How much is a full-blooded French bulldog worth?

Prices for red (or any color) puppies will typically range from $1800 to over $4000, depending on the breeder and other factors such as registration history.

What is a cherry eye in Frenchie?

Cherry eye, which can also be referred to as ‘lacrimal gland prolapse’ or ‘third eyelid prolapse,’ is a condition that occurs when the tear-producing glands located at the corner of an animal’s eyes become inflamed and protrude outward in search of relief. Symptoms of cherry eye in French Bulldogs are similar to those in other breeds and may include redness, crusty material found around the affected area, and excessive tearing.

How much is a red French bulldog?

As mentioned before, prices for puppies can vary from $1800 – $4000 depending on the breeder or pet store that you choose.

What are the most expensive colors for French Bulldogs?

Colors with lighter coats, such as cream, silver fawn, and blue, are usually the most expensive due to their limited availability.

Are French Bulldogs aggressive?

Generally speaking, no. This breed is known for being even-tempered and sociable when properly trained and given enough exercise throughout the day. However, it’s important that owners remain aware of any triggers or negative behavior from their dog in order to stop any potential aggression before it starts.

red french bulldog