Top 5 Most Expensive French Bulldog Coat Colors You Won’t Believe Exist

The most expensive French Bulldog color falls under the “rare” spectrum. This includes colors such as Isabella, fawn sable, cream, and brindle. Of these rare colors, Isabella is considered to be one of the most unique and exclusive shades due to its notoriously extraordinary genetic mutation. A typical Frenchie priced in this range can cost anywhere between $3000 -$7000.

Why are French Bulldogs So Expensive?

expensive french bulldog color

There are three main reasons why the cost of a French Bulldog can be so high. The first reason is due to breeding difficulties associated with this breed; since it is an intentionally-bred hybrid, French Bulldogs require a great deal of skill and knowledge from experienced breeders in order for them to produce healthy puppies. Secondly, because of their irresistibly lovable appearance, Frenchie’s popularity has grown immensely in recent years, which means high demand and short supply leading to premium pricing. Lastly, certain shades of French Bulldogs, such as those listed above, can be considered exclusive due to the rarity of their genetically-inherited color mutations, further contributing to their highly luxurious price tags.

French Bulldog Color Chart

expensive french bulldog color

Frenchies come in a variety of adorable shades ranging from black brindle, red fawn sable, cream masked fawns and even rare blue and chocolate, with some attracting more interest than others due to the fact that they are considered more exclusive. Of all the French Bulldog shades, Isabella is perhaps one of the most unique—it has a lavishly peach-like hue enhanced by golden brown spots on its snout and down its spine. Other common colorings can include pied, which consists mainly of a white coat with black patches scattered throughout, as well as solid coats including but not limited to black or red sable or fawn brindle.

Buying Rare Colored French Bulldogs is a Serious Commitment

expensive french bulldog color

Before taking the plunge and purchasing an exclusive-colored Frenchie, it’s important to research all of the potential issues that may come with the territory, such as inbreeding, allergies or hereditary health problems. Many times these rare sorts can be prone to diseases caused by genetic conditions, which make them more expensive to care for—the high financial commitment should not be taken lightly before making the purchase. Additionally, it is essential to find a reputable breeder in order to ensure the pup’s health and safety as well as its lineage.

How to Make an Isabella French Bulldog? Why is it the Most Expensive French Bulldog Color?

expensive french bulldog color

The Isabella color Frenchie is created by combining two specific coat colors — Fawn and Chocolate. The puppy must carry two copies of what is known as a “chocolate E” allele (EE) and then two copies of what is termed a “silvering e” allele (e). Sometimes the Isabella shade can be referred to as Lilac. The rareness of this particular color mutation accounts for why it has such a high price tag associated with it.

Rare French Bulldog Health Issues

expensive french bulldog color

Owners are urged to research each respective breed thoroughly before investing in one, especially if acquiring an exclusive-colored Frenchie. Certain coats, including Isabella and Blue, can be more susceptible to brachycephalic airway syndrome due to the fact that they are purposely bred with a smushed nose—this comes with its own set of problems, such as breathing difficulties which require regular medical attention and care. Furthermore, any Frenchie, regardless of color, should also receive annual veterinary check-ups in order to ensure their overall health is being kept closely monitored throughout the course of their life.


expensive french bulldog color

In conclusion, The most expensive French Bulldog color is the Isabella shade which requires an extremely sought-after genetic mutation to create. It can be quite costly as a result of its rarity and demand for this particular type. Owners should also bear in mind that certain exclusive shades may have additional health risks associated with them due to breeding difficulties or inherited conditions; however, regular veterinary checkups help keep these issues at bay and are necessary for all furry friends regardless of color or breed.