French Bulldogs and Swimming: Everything You Need To Know

French bulldogs cannot swim. They do not do great in warm weather and you might be tempted to take them for a swim, but DON’T do it. Their small bodies are not built for swimming and they drown easily.

The Basic French Bulldog Swimming Questions

Can A French Bulldog Swim?

French bulldogs sink once they are left in water bodies. Their small body and legs, and flat face disadvantage them and they drown easily.

Do French Bulldogs float?

Despite loving water, they cannot float, they will sink once they are left in water bodies. Their body shape and muscle weight make it hard for them to float. You should consider a special life jacket if you want them to cool off and never leave them unattended around water bodies.

Do Frenchies Like Water?

Like most dogs, Frenchies love water and will most definitely jump inside a pool if they see one. So, you should train them from an early age that pools are a no-no for them.

Can Frenchies still enjoy the water?

Yes, they can. Special life jackets and kiddie pools are great options for them to cool off in warm weather.

How to Teach a Frenchie to Swim

Once they put on their special life jackets, Frenchies can be trained to waddle and splash around in pools. But they should never be left unsupervised.

The Steps You Can Take

Please do not attempt to teach them how to swim in large pools. They might have life jackets on but their short noses are not meant for swimming. All you can do is let them enjoy kiddie pools and supervise them.

Swim Health Benefits for Frenchies

Swimming is good for exercising muscles, it is a low-impact form of exercise, which is beneficial for dogs with joint problems or other mobility issues. Frenchies are prone to joint issues, so swimming can be a great way to keep them active without putting too much stress on their joints.

Swimming is an excellent cardiovascular workout for dogs, and it can help improve their heart and lung function. Frenchies can be prone to respiratory issues, so swimming is a great way to help keep their lungs healthy.

Swimming is a great way to burn calories and helps with weight management. Obesity is a common issue in Frenchies, so swimming is useful in maintaining a healthy weight.

Finally, swimming can be a great form of mental stimulation for dogs, especially those that enjoy the water. It can be a fun and exciting way to engage with your Frenchie, which can help improve their overall well-being.


Do not let your Frenchie near a pool or any other water body. Bathtubs are also dangerous for them if they are unattended. Should you feel the need to cool down your Frenchie, get them special life jackets and let them splash around in kiddie pools. Most importantly, do not leave them unsupervised around water bodies.


Why Is It Difficult For French Bulldogs To Swim?

The body structure and muscle density of Frenchies make it hard for them to swim. They cannot float and will drown once they are inside a pool.

Can French Bulldogs Swim Alone?

No, they cannot. Even with a special life jacket on, Frenchies can drown because of their short muzzles.

Are There French Bulldog Swimming Competitions?

Officially, there are no recognized swimming competitions. In fact, most dog organizations advise Frenchie owners not to let Frenchies swim.

Do French Bulldogs Get Tired Easily When Swimming?

Frenchies tire easily when engaged in physically demanding activities. It’s better to take them out for short walks when exercising.