Hot Weather and Health Risks to Consider with French Bulldogs

Because they lack sweat glands and have fur that traps heat, dogs must cool themselves by panting. Because of their short noses, Frenchies have trouble breathing. This condition is known as brachycephalic. So, French Bulldogs might not be able to stand the kind of heat that makes most other dogs uncomfortable.

French Bulldog Heat Stroke

French Bulldogs and Heat

While any dog can succumb to heat exhaustion, French Bulldogs are more vulnerable due to their shorter respiratory system. Because of its shorter airway, the dog will have a harder time chilling the air it breathes in. They don’t perspire as humans do dogs. To cool down, they can only pant. During the warmer months, your Frenchie will need extra attention to ensure its survival. A high degree of vigilance is required throughout the year if you inhabit a warm climate. Heat stress can ultimately result in heat stroke if it is not treated in a timely manner.

Recognizing Signs of the French Bulldog Heat Cycle

French Bulldogs and Heat

When it comes to French Bulldogs, many owners worry about their dogs’ temperature cycles. But what are some signs your dog is experiencing a heat cycle? Here are six key indicators: 

1) Your dog is sweating, which means they need more water and shade to cool off. 

2) They may be panting heavily or constantly on the move. 

3) Their coat may be matted, and their ears may be red. 

4)Their behavior can be scatterbrained or attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder-like. 

5) They may be eating more slowly or not at all, and they might start licking their paws or tails more regularly.

Why do Frenchies overheat?

French Bulldogs and Heat

Frenchies are notoriously susceptible to overheating. Although any dog is at risk for overheating, French Bulldogs are especially vulnerable. Due to their short muzzles, these dogs suffer from severely restricted breathing. Normal canine thermal regulation involves heavy panting or breathing. The French Bulldog just isn’t built for that kind of work. Be mindful that your dog will need extra care and attention. Owners of French bulldogs generally believe that the investment is well worthwhile.

Tips for Handling a French Bulldog under the Heat

French Bulldogs and Heat

1) Keep them in the shade during the day. 

If you live in a region that experiences hot weather, keep your French Bulldogs in the shade! While they may enjoy playing outside during the day, they may get too comfortable and start to heat up quickly. 

2) Give them lots of water or ice cubes to drink. 

When the weather becomes hot, giving your French Bulldogs lots of water or ice cubes to drink can help keep them cool. 

French Bulldogs and Heat

3) Don’t leave them in an air-conditioned room for too long – they need fresh air and sunshine too! 

Every dog needs fresh air and sunlight. They need to be outside for about an hour every day, during the hottest part of the day and during the coolest part of the day. French Bulldogs also need a lot of exercise. 

4) Provide plenty of toys and chewable items – chewing helps their digestive system stay healthy! 

French Bulldogs are known for their good temperament and a love of play, but they can suffer from poor digestive systems in hot weather. This is because their stomachs are not used to the heat and acids that come with summertime. To keep their digestive system healthy, provide plenty of toys and chewable items to keep them entertained and occupied. 

5) Take short walks during the hottest part of the day, preferably in an area with trees for shade. 

A short walk is a perfect way to cool down during hot weather. French Bulldogs love to take short walks in shady areas, so make sure you include these walks in your daily routine. By taking short breaks between classes or work, you can avoid feeling overheated and injured. 

French Bulldogs and Heat

6) Make sure their diet is full of high-quality protein and vegetables. 

Many French Bulldogs are faced with problems during hot weather because they are not used to eating a lot of high-quality protein and vegetables. Some good options for high-quality protein include chicken, beef, fish, turkey, pork, and eggs. For vegetables, potatoes and carrots are good options. 

7) Consider a cooling coat or shirt for them to wear. 

When it comes to keeping your French Bulldogs cool, consider wearing a cooling coat or shirt. Not only will these items help keep them comfortable during hot weather, but they can also protect them from the sun and wind.


French Bulldogs and Heat

Due to a lack of sweat glands and thermally insulating fur, dogs must rely on panting to regulate their body temperature. As a result of their short nostrils, Frenchies often struggle to breathe. Your French bulldog will require additional care and attention throughout the warmer months to ensure that it makes it through. Keeping your guard up all year long is a necessity if you live in a warm area.


How do you know if your Frenchie is overheating?

The lack of oxygen in the blood can cause your dog to pass out and die if it becomes too hot. Foaming at the lips, difficulty breathing, a loose and discolored tongue, and severe panting and possibly coughing are all warning signs.

How to prevent heatstroke in your Frenchie?

To make sure your Frenchie stays comfortable and cool throughout the hot summer months, you can take a few simple steps. Try to avoid being outside when it’s really hot and muggy, and avoid keeping your dog in a car without air conditioning and with the windows rolled up. When outside, always provide plenty of fresh water and cool shade.

What should I do if my dog is overheated?

If your dog is overheating, one of the first things you should do is cool them down. Heading out to the veterinarian or pet store may be a good idea if you don’t have time to do this yourself. A cooler will help keep your pup cool and comfortable while they’re cooling off.

French Bulldogs and Heat