Rise in French Bulldog Thefts: Prevalence, Incidents, and Prevention Tips

French bulldogs are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. They’re known for their friendly, outgoing personalities and unique looks. Unfortunately, this popularity has made them a target for theft. Over the past few years, reports of French bulldog theft have been on the rise, with incidents being reported around the world. In particular, areas like Los Angeles have seen an uptick in stolen French bulldogs.

Rise in French Bulldog Thefts in Los Angeles

French Bulldog Thefts

Los Angeles has seen a sharp rise in the number of reported dog thefts over the past few years. Of these, French bulldogs are one of the most targeted breeds. According to reports from local animal shelters, as well as police departments, cases of stolen French bulldogs have increased significantly since 2017.

Incidents of Dognapping Targeting French Bulldogs

French Bulldog Thefts

Dognapping is a term used to describe the act of stealing a dog. In the case of French bulldogs, these thefts tend to be more organized and premeditated. While some thieves may simply snatch a dog from its owner on the street, others have been known to break into homes or even steal dogs from pet stores. The motivation for these thefts can range from personal gain to selling the animal on an underground market.

Case Study: Woman Arrested for Snatching Dog From Owner

French Bulldog Thefts

In July 2020, a woman in Los Angeles was arrested for snatching a French bulldog from its owner. The incident occurred while the owner was walking her dog down the street. According to reports, the woman had been following them for some time before approaching and attempting to grab the animal. Fortunately, bystanders were able to intervene and hold her until the police arrived.

Case Study: Women Arrested for Stealing French Bulldog From Pet Store

French Bulldog Thefts

In another incident, two women were arrested in 2019 after stealing a French bulldog from a pet store. The women had been shopping at the store when one of them snatched the dog and ran out. Fortunately, police were able to apprehend them shortly after and return the animal safely to its owners.

Prevention and Safety Tips for French Bulldog Owners

French Bulldog Thefts

As French bulldogs become more popular, it’s important for owners to take steps to ensure their safety. Here are some tips to help protect your pet:

Never leave your dog unattended. Even if you’re just stepping away for a brief moment, make sure someone is watching them at all times.

If possible, avoid taking your dog to crowded places or areas where it’s difficult to keep an eye on them.

Make sure your dog has proper identification in case they are ever stolen. Microchipping and ID tags can help reunite you with your pet.

Be aware of suspicious people or activities around your dog. If you see someone acting suspiciously, alert authorities immediately.


French Bulldog Thefts

French bulldog theft is an unfortunate reality that many pet owners must face. While it can be difficult to prevent, there are steps that owners can take to ensure their pet’s safety. By following the prevention tips listed above and being aware of suspicious activity, owners can help protect their beloved French bulldogs from becoming a target for thieves.


Why are French bulldogs targeted for theft?

French bulldogs are incredibly popular and in high demand, making them a prime target for thieves.

How can I prevent my French bulldog from being stolen?

Never leave your dog unattended, and make sure they have proper identification in case they are ever stolen. Additionally, be aware of suspicious people or activities around your dog.

What should I do if my French bulldog is stolen?

If your French bulldog is stolen, alert the authorities immediately and reach out to local animal shelters. Additionally, post flyers with a picture of your pet in the neighborhood.

Is French bulldog theft a common issue?

Yes, French bulldog theft has been on the rise over the past few years and is becoming increasingly common.

Are there any specific areas where French bulldog theft is more prevalent?

Los Angeles has seen a sharp rise in cases of French bulldog theft over the past few years. Additionally, reports of stolen French bulldogs have been reported around the world.

French Bulldog Thefts