French Bulldog Color Price Chart: How Much Does Each Coat Color Cost?

Frenchies come in a variety of colors and patterns that can vary drastically by region. Aside from being incredibly lovable dogs, there’s another major factor when considering buying a Frenchie: price. Prices for these pups can range anywhere between $1,000 – $5,000 depending on factors such as coat color and pattern, eye color and breeder. Picture a white French Bulldog with tan spots, and you’ve likely pictured the expensive type! To better understand what goes into determining the cost of a Frenchie, it helps to take an in-depth look at their lovely variety of coat colors and patterns.

French Bulldog Color Chart

french bulldog color price chart

Frenchie coats come in various solid colors as well as distinct markings that form attractive patterns throughout their fur. Here’s a detailed description of the most popular types:

Solid Colors

The most common solid colors for French Bulldogs are fawn, brindle, black, and white. Fawn ranges from a light beige color to dark brown. Brindles look somewhat like tigers with their tan and black stripes throughout the coat, with shades ranging between light yellow and deep mahogany. Black is simply that—a glossy jet-black shade across all fur. White Frenchies, while unusual, are quite attractive when paired with the right markings.


Between their ears and all around their cute faces, many French Bulldogs have stylish tan and white “blanket” markings in a variety of patterns—each as special to its owner as fingerprints are for humans! The four most common types of blanket markings include reverse brindle (click here for an example), black masks, tiger stripes that stretch across the body, and patches.

Factors that Affect the Price of Frenchies

french bulldog color price chart

French Bulldogs are a smaller breed with an impressive “pack” mentality. They may not be able to take down bears like their larger canine counterparts, but they sure can rocket up the bank account more so than other small-bodied pup crewmates! Coat color and markings have a high influence on price as some colors cost more to purchase due to rarity or preference. Here’s a more detailed description of how color and pattern, as well as other factors, influence the price of French Bulldogs:

Color and Pattern

Depending on what part of the world you’re located in, various colors and patterns will be either more expensive or less costly than the norm. For instance, American Kennel Club (AKC)-registered white French Bulldogs are often considered to be rare due to their lower amounts of fur pigmentation—something many people find particularly desirable. On the other hand, dark brindles can cost slightly less depending on location as they tend to blend in with a variety of different terrain-related backgrounds, such as soil for hiding potential prey!

french bulldog color price chart

Eye Color

The eye color of a French Bulldog is also an important factor to consider when determining the potential cost. Breeders often favor certain colors—such as blue, green, and yellow eyes—as they’re considered unique within their canines group. As a result, these lively pooches may go for higher prices than others whose marine-like orbs are assessed to be less special in quality or attractiveness.

Breeder Reputation

If you are interested in meeting a qualified breeder, find one with a solid and trustable reputation. Many sources of information exist to forewarn potential buyers before taking the plunge into complicated sales contracts, as some breeders may be hiding hidden liabilities or behavioral issues within their canine lineup. Trustworthy and reputable breeders often result in healthier puppies, happier households, and smaller surprises down the line due to established partnerships!

Geographic Locations

Where the bred puppies come from or where they’ll be sold may have an influence on price. Certain areas like New York City have a higher demand for Frenchies, which translates into a larger population of Puppy-seekers willing to pay premiums for these cosmopolitan pooches. On the other hand, certain states and countries contain more subsided pricing systems due to lower demands for global luxury items—like French Bulldogs!

Average Price of French Bulldogs

french bulldog color price chart

French Bulldog prices usually range between $1,000 to $5,000 in the United States, depending on coat color and pattern. While there are a few exceptions that may go over this price range due to high demand (e.g., blue-eyed Frenchies or rare coat markings), it’s more common for your average poochie pup to land inside of these comfortable boundaries. Many factors influence final costs, such as eye color, breeding reputation, breeder location and more; however, color and pattern remain the strongest factors by far.

French Bulldog Coat Markings

french bulldog color price chart

Aside from their solid-color coats, French Bulldogs are known for having distinct markings that add a lot of character to their furry little bodies! From popular blanket patterns all around the face to unique tiger stripes along with the abdomen/midline area—these designs dazzle! Here’s an overview of these coat markings, plus how they can individually affect the price:

Blanket Markings

The markings that appear as a tan and white ‘blanket’ between/above their eyes are particularly attractive, as they add intense personality to the already unique facial features of the French Bulldog. Three blanket marking types include reverse brindle (pictures at bottom), black masks, and patches. Note that while these all look quintessentially adorable—you may end up paying more for rare variations of these traditionally typical patterns!

Tiger Stripes

Classy tiger stripes adorn many French Bulldogs running along their torso or backside. While meant to resemble their wilder-at-heart mammal cousins, these black and tan marks only add charm to the already stunning pup—and potential difficulty in selling at a higher rate. On rare occasions, you may spot red instead of black fur on the darker parts of his patterning; this is known as Sable and still quite preferred among savvy buyers looking to be different from the rest of the pack!

French Bulldog DNA Color Calculator

french bulldog color price chart

One way that owners can find out what colors are present in their Frenchie is by using a French Bulldog DNA color calculator. This tool uses the pup’s genetic components to analyze which colors may appear throughout its fur once it grows in maturity; helpful for those seeking clarification on potential future presentations of their pup’s coat!

Standard French Bulldog Colors and Patterns

french bulldog color price chart

The most popular French Bulldog colors are brindle, fawn, black, and white. In terms of patterns, there are several dominant ones, such as blanket markings between/above the eyes (reverse brindle, masks or patches), tiger stripes along the body or Sable red hues scattered throughout his fur—all incredibly attractive additions to any pups collection of huggable assets!

Rare French Bulldog Colors and Patterns

french bulldog color price chart

Aside from the traditionally standard French Bulldogs coat shades, there are a few rare varieties that may carry an increase in price due to demand. For instance, the prominent Piebald pattern is formed when large areas of white fur blend into patches of deep tan or black variations unavailable among general stock greys & blacks—averaging higher than run-of-the-mill representatives around 1.5 to 2x the of normal French Bulldogs!

Exotic French Bulldog Colors and Patterns

french bulldog color price chart

For luxurious pup lovers, an alluring selection of exotic colors and patterns for those who want something even more special awaits. A mysterious sable hue with scattered orange spots instead of standard black chips is one example from this selected group that offers a unique presentation—just be sure you’re willing to pay a premium if looking directly into the eyes of this finely crafted pooch.

How Much Should I Pay For a French Bulldog?

french bulldog color price chart

Although the answer largely depends on what you’re looking for, there are certain ranges that buyers should keep in mind when considering how much money to spend. Depending on their geography, users may purchase average puppy costs ranging between $1,000 -$5,000, with exceptions for rare color combinations (e.g., blue-eyed or eye-catching sable/orange highlights).

Are Cheap French Bulldogs a Scam?

french bulldog color price chart

Cheap isn’t necessarily bad—but it is important to be aware of the potential when taking cautionary measures into certain types of purchases. In this case, many breeders may offer puppies for sale at unusually low prices due to inbreeding techniques that often produce pups with later life-span complications, thus reducing their desirability to buyers. As the saying goes: you get what you pay for, so be sure that whatever transactions take place are sound and reputable in order to protect your future companion’s health and safety as well as your own wallet from any mishaps!

Tips to Maintain Your Frenchie

french bulldog color price chart

When bringing home a French Bulldog (or any pup, for that matter!), it is important not only to provide them with love and affection but also to ensure their health and safety. Here are a few tips to keep your veteran-in-training happy and healthy:


Frequent grooming (monthly or biweekly, depending on the amount of fur they shed) is recommended in order to help regulate their body temperature as well as prevent skin issues like hot spots or dandruff—both can be quite uncomfortable for new furry family members! Also, remember to provide them with clean water alongside nourishing food to keep their bellies full and their minds awake.

Dental Hygiene

It is highly recommended that French Bulldogs have continual dental care to aid in the longevity of healthy teeth—which are crucial for nutrient uptake, naturally balanced acid levels, digestive ease & providing good grins! You may use special brushes (or make-shift wadded up/rolled paper) alongside toothpaste made specifically for pups as an effective way to maintain cleanliness among their fangs each day.

french bulldog color price chart


Like the majority of dogs, French Bulldogs benefit from daily exercise ranging from light walking to more intense activities like chasing balls or games of tug-of-war! Both alone and group outings can fulfill this need, though you’ll want to keep an eye on them since they may tire easily due to their short physique and heavy compact bodies that expend lots of energy in quick sprints/shifts.

Mental Stimulation

Feeding time isn’t the only area where French Bulldogs can benefit from added nutrition—mental stimulation is just as important for keeping up their bright personality and alert attitude! This could range anywhere from teaching them simple commands like ‘sit’ or establishing emotional presence by rewarding good behavior with treats (this helps build trust & create bonds that will last beyond puppyhood). Problem-solving games, agility courses, and outdoor activities are all fun ways for your four-legged pal to stay sharp and shy away from boredom.


Here are five of the most common frequently asked questions that pet owners may want to know when considering a French Bulldog:

What factors affect the price of a French Bulldog?

Coat color and pattern, eye color, breeder reputation, breeder location and availability all factor into the final price of a French Bulldog.

How do coat color and pattern affect the price of a French Bulldog?

Rare paint jobs (e.g., blue eyes or piebald patterns) may increase the price due to higher demand while much more popular shades/patterns such as black brindle could lower overall purchase costs in particular areas—all depending on region-specific supply & demand curves.

What is the average price of a French Bulldog?

On average, French Bulldogs often retail between $1,000 -$5,000. Of course, this range can fluctuate based on factors such as eye color or coat pattern.

How can I determine if a French Bulldog is being sold at a fair price?

Gather intelligence on the pricing related to similar-looking pups.

french bulldog color price chart