Everything You Need To Know About The French Bulldog Jack Russell Mix

The French Bulldog Jack Russell mix is a hybrid of the French bulldog and the Jack Russell terrier. Both parents are small breeds with features that manifest differently in the hybrid. The hybrid, aka French Bull Jack, is either lazy as the French bulldog or energetic as the Jack Russell terrier.

About & History

The French Bull Jack is a designer dog of recent history, unlike its purebred parents. French bulldogs are originally from the English midlands and became popular during the late 1800s. English lacemakers brought them to France where they quickly gained popularity. The Jack Russell terrier also originates from England, Oxford university in particular. A man by the name of John Jack Russell adopted and bred a stray female terrier, possibly a mix of a Black and Tan terrier and a Fox terrier. He intended to create a breed capable of hunting fox hounds so he mated his dog with a Beagle and Fox terrier mixed breed. The resulting Jack Russell breed became popular and was officially recognized during the 1970s.


The appearance of the French Bull Jack is not uniform and largely depends on the physical aspects of its parents. French bulldogs are flat-faced with bat ears and a sturdy physique. Jack Russell terriers are athletic with v-shaped ears and a slightly tapered skull, French Bull Jacks can have any or a mix of these features. Generally, the French Bull Jack has large eyes and ears, and a medium-length coat.

Character & Temperament

Designer dog breeds like the French Bull Jack have differing personalities adopted from their parents. French bulldogs are occasionally stubborn and attention seekers while the Jack Russell terrier is mischievous. In addition to adopting either of the parent’s temperament, the environment you raise your pup also determines their character.

Exercise and Activity Levels

The parents of French Bull Jacks are polar opposites when it comes to exercise and activity levels. French bulldogs are satisfied with regular short walks, while the Jack Russell terrier is energetic and destructive in limited spaces. The hybrid French Bull Jack is the middle ground; however, do not be surprised if they exhibit either of the parent’s energy levels.

Things To Know About French Bull Jack Puppies Before You Buy

French Bull Jack puppies are small designer dogs that are sweet, intelligent and naughty. If you plan on buying a puppy, keep in mind that mounting a male Jack Russell onto a French bulldog is difficult. Because of the French bulldog’s narrow hips, artificial insemination and c-section deliveries are the safe options for French Bull Jack puppies. The puppies are rare and average $1,000 to $2,000 depending on the breeder.


The French Bull Jack has a medium-length coat that can be brushed twice weekly. Similar to the French bulldog, one bath session is enough each month. You can also bathe them whenever they get dirty and brush their teeth daily. Regular grooming leaves them confident and healthy.


The French Bull Jack is a hybrid with a strong immune system but it does have certain health concerns. They are prone to Patellar Luxation, Intervertebral Disc Disease, Entropion, Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease, and Ichthyosis. As they age, they become fragile and require extra attention.


The French Bull Jack is easy to train since they like pleasing their owners. Positive reinforcement is effective when teaching them obedience and commands. Similar to other breeds, training them while they are puppies is easier.

Breeds Similar to French Bull Jack

The French Bull Jack is similar to several hybrids like the Jackweiler, a mix between the Jack Russell Terrier and Rottweiler; Dalmador, a mix between the Labrador retriever and Dalmatian; Pembroke, Corgi, Cockinese, and Jack-A-Ranian. The similarity is based on size and character.


The French Bull Jack is a recent hybrid with equal chances of displaying characteristics from either parent. They require love and attention and are easy to train. Regular grooming habits and exercise help them live comfortably.


What’s the Price of French Bull Jack Puppies?

French Bull Jack puppies cost between $1,000 to $2,000. Depending on the breeder and the parents’ breeding status, the price can be higher than $2,000.

How Intelligent Is The French Bull Jack?

They are very intelligent with a hint of mischief. They are easy to train and are great family members.

Are French Bull Jacks Good Around Kids?

Yes, they are. When they are raised around kids they become loyal friends. 

Will My French Bull Jack Be Loyal To Me?

Most definitely. In addition to taking care of their physical needs, shower them with love and affection and they will never leave your side.

Do French Bull Jacks Make For Good Guard Dogs?

They are not ideal guard dogs because of their playful nature. However, their intelligence and loyalty make them good watchdogs.