Everything You Need To Know About The French Bulldog Bully Mix


The French bulldog bully, aka French Bully, is a mixed breed of a purebred American bully and a purebred French bulldog. French bulldogs are companion dogs bred for their looks and American bullies are work dogs. French bullies are designer dogs with compact, muscular bodies inherited from both parents. They are described as the larger versions of the beautiful French bulldog. 

Why The French Bulldog Bully is Rare, Expensive and Popular 

Purebred French bulldogs are rare and expensive because of their narrow hips. They require artificial insemination and C-section deliveries for a successful pregnancy. This is done by professionals at a fee; thus, even their mixed-breed descendants are expensive. Despite the lack of official acknowledgement by the AKC, French bulldog bullies are designer dogs with the cute features of a French bulldog. They are popular among families and individuals looking for a cute and muscular companion.

What can you Expect from the French Bulldog Bully? 

French bulldog bullies are larger than purebred French bulldogs and smaller than purebred American bullies. They have an athletic physique and short fur and are often confused with the French bulldog pitbull terrier mix. As a descendant of the bully terrier, the French bulldog bully is a protective companion that will do whatever it takes to stay with you. They are also intelligent and loyal creatures that are easily trained. If you are looking for a dog to protect you and your family, the French bulldog bully is the perfect breed for you. 

Personality and Temperament

The French bulldog bully is known for its robust yet cute exterior, but it also has a friendly personality. They are intelligent, tough and gentle, and their nature is determined by their immediate environment. Their coat color does not affect their personality traits because they are dynamic. Their character and temperament can be molded through early training. Take your pup out for regular walks and schedule play dates. This helps them socialize and get along with kids and other pets.


Grooming is an important part of a dog’s life and should be done regularly to keep them healthy and clean. Grooming essentials include brushing their fur, bathing them with shampoo and water, and trimming overgrown hair. Establish a schedule and make it as fun as possible by using positive reinforcement. 


French bulldog bullies face the same health issues as their French bulldog parents. They are prone to Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome (BOAS) due to their flat face; thus, they are better off indoors during hot weather. They are also prone to spinal issues like intervertebral disc disease (IVDD), hip dysplasia, and skin allergies. Spinal and joint issues are common among older dogs and result from general wear and tear. Skin allergies are incurable and may require treatment for life, similar to spinal and joint issues. Medication, rest, and possibly surgery can help them live comfortably. 

Training and Exercise

Some people feel that training your dog as early as possible is important, while others believe in the effectiveness of waiting until the dog is more obedient or tolerant. Ultimately, the decision comes down to personal preference and what benefit you think your dog will finally receive from being properly trained. Most important, is that French bulldog bullies are small dogs with flat faces and they require less exercise. Regular walks around the block and socializing are sufficient for their health.

Monthly Expenses

The monthly food expense for the French bulldog bully is estimated at $35 to $45 per month and you should avoid overfeeding it. Additional expenses such as vet care, grooming, and training vary greatly. For example, each veterinarian offers personalized procedures and techniques that may require additional time or money. Be prepared to spend $200 or more each month on their diet, vet, grooming and training.

Life Expectancy

A healthy French bulldog bully mix has a lifespan of 12-15 years. However, individual dogs may live shorter or longer, depending on their circumstances.


Dog prices vary based on the breeder’s reputation but a mixed breed is relatively cheaper than a purebred. A French bulldog bully mix is typically priced between $1,000 to $2,000.The price can be affected by the length of time the pet will live and its health condition. Conclusion

The French bulldog bully mix is a large and beautiful version of its parents. A rugged yet gentle companion, this mixed breed is perfect for families and individuals with busy lifestyles. They are excellent guard dogs that require regular training and little exercise. Ensure they are properly groomed and well taken care of to enjoy comfortable lives.


How much food should you feed your French bulldog bully mix?

They are small dogs who require two cups of dog food every day. Do not overfeed them if you want to avoid potential health issues.

What exercises are great for the French bulldog bully mix?

Daily hourly walks and playing fetch are sufficient exercises. Remember that they have flat faces and are prone to BAOS, so don’t over-exercise them.

What is the difference between a purebred French bulldog and the French bulldog bullies mix?

A purebred French bulldog is officially recognized by the AKC and has deep historical roots. On the other hand, the French bulldog bully is a hybrid designer dog and is not officially recognized by the AKC.