Everything You Need To Know About French Bulldog Cropped Ears

Ear cropping is the procedure of surgically removing the majority or the entire flappy part of the ear. Approximately 20 dog breeds, including Dobermans, Great Danes, Boxers, Schnauzers, and many others, currently undergo ear cropping as an elective procedure. For these breeds, the operation was historically put into practice. 

However, it is now only seen as cosmetic, and most nations have outlawed it. It’s still legal in most of North America. If you’re planning to get your puppy’s ears cropped, here are a few things to think about before doing it.

What is ear cropping?

Cropping, or removing the floppy portion of the dog’s ear, is often done on sedated puppies between the ages of 6 and 12 weeks. After that, to keep the ears straight while they heal for a few weeks, they are taped to a hard surface.

Are Frenchie’s Ears Cropped?

None of these procedures should be performed on French Bulldogs’ ears. There is no need to cut a Frenchie‘s ears for cosmetic or medical reasons because they naturally stand up. In the UK, ear docking is forbidden. In most US states, there are few restrictions on it.

Why Do People Crop Their Dogs Ears?

  • To improve their hearing. Different breeds have had their ears cropped for a variety of reasons, but most notably for hunting, fighting, and working purposes. It was believed that cropping the ears of several herding and livestock guardian breeds would enhance their hearing.
  • For medical purposes. Although historically people have clipped their ears in the mistaken belief that the enhanced airflow would make ear infections less likely, this is not the case. Dog ear infections are instead caused by a variety of hereditary, environmental, nutritional, and anatomical factors. However, research has not found a link between cropped ears and a reduction in the frequency or severity of ear infections.
  • To intimidate. Some hunting dogs had their ears cropped in order to keep their target from capturing them easily, whether they were rats, bears, cats, or boars. This was also believed to be advantageous for guard dog breeds protecting livestock, and preventing wolves and coyotes from having an easy time capturing the dog. This was also the rationale behind cropping fighting and battle dogs. Ear injuries are common, especially in dog fights, and anyone who has ever had a dog can attest that they bleed like stuck pigs and are a common site for damage.

Pros And Cons

Here are some pros:

  • Cleaner, healthier ears. A dog with trimmed ears is more likely to never experience ear infections brought on by yeast or bacteria, ear mites, or ticks that like to line the underside of the ear. 
  • Clean/Sharp breed intended look. There are numerous breeds today that would look entirely different without cut ears.   Preference is everything.

Here are some cons to consider with ear-cropping Frenchies:

  • Unnecessary Cosmetic. Cropping your dog’s ears for aesthetic reasons or to fit a certain perception of their breed isn’t necessarily a good cause to subject them to severe discomfort and potential health risks.
  • Medical Issues. Your dog will be susceptible to infections from open sores and deviated ears.
  • Pains (physical and phantom). Your dog won’t just be physically hurt for weeks; they’ll also probably feel anguish in their heads. There is phantom agony. You may have gone through it if you had a tooth or an appendage removed.
  • Sensitivity in healing. For several weeks following surgery, your dog’s ears will be sensitive. Make sure no one plays with your dog’s ears near it. While your dog is recovering, you might need to keep them apart from other dogs.

Should You Crop Your French Bulldog’s Ears?


We do not recommend cropping your Frenchie’s ears. However, if you may want to give a stylish vibe to your Frenchie, it’s your choice to do it.


There’s a reason why cropping the ears of pups has been banned in many countries. That’s because it is one of the cruelest things you could possibly give your dog. It is an unnecessary thing to apply to your dog. However, many still likes the idea of it, giving an aesthetic feel on their pets – but not appropriate.

We hope that you should consider everything first before doing an action especially cropping the ears of Frenchies. They do not need it and therefore they should not experience it in their lifetime.


Does cropping French Bulldog ears hurt them?

Yes, and they get irritated after a couple of weeks. Ear cropping the ears of French Bulldogs is an unnecessary thing and would only hurt the pups.

Should you tape your French Bulldog’s ears instead of cropping them?

It is one of the best alternatives. But aren’t Frenchies cute already? They don’t need that aesthetic feel, they’re already the models of being aesthetic.

Since when have people cropped French Bulldog ears?

There has not been a history of cropping French Bulldogs’ ears, but ear cropping started 300 years ago for other breeds.

Can French Bulldogs get infections from ear cropping?

Yes, and that’s the reason why they should not get ear cropped.