Everything To Know About The Tri Color French Bulldog

The tri-color French bulldog is a dog that comes in three colors: a base coat and shades of two different colors as colorations or markings. Some people think that color choice is simply a matter of personal preference, but others think that it has an impact on how well the dog performs. The tri-color French bulldog is most commonly known as a working dog and a great pet.

French Bulldog Colors 

French bulldogs come in white, fawn, brindle, and cream, and their variations. Tri colors are a rare combination of these colors with a distinctive appearance. This makes them expensive, especially if they have one of the rare colors

Tri Color French Bulldog

The Standard and The Rare.

Fawn, brindle and white are the officially recognized color patterns of tri-color French bulldogs. Rare combinations include rare color genes such as chocolate, lilac, and merle. French bulldogs with three rare color genes are more expensive than the officially recognized ones.

How Can You Tell if a French Bulldog Has a Tri-gene Mutation?

Tri-gene mutation is a genetic defect that affects the dog’s color. It is very rare, unlike other genetic defects. To tell if your French bulldog has a tri-gene mutation, here are some tips: 

  1. Check your dog for a dominant color and patterns or markings with distinct colors. If they have any of the standard or rare colors, then they may have a tri-gene mutation! 
  2. Ask your veterinarian – or take blood tests to see if there’s anything specific on your dog’s DNA test results that could help identify the mutation. 

Tri Color French Bulldog

How is the Tri-gene Expressed in French Bulldogs?

One of the most commonly sired dog breeds, the tri-gene, is expressed in their coat color. The dominant color gene and two other color genes express their colors on the fur coat. Breeders prefer tri-color French bulldogs carrying the rare colors’ DNA traits.

How Rare Are Tri-colored French Bulldogs and How Much Do They Cost?

French Bulldogs are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. They come in a variety of colors, but the tri-colored french bulldog is thought to be the rarest. This particular type of French bulldog only accounts for 2% of all french bulldogs, and they can cost up to $4,000. 

Tri Color French Bulldog

How to Care for a Tri-Colored French Bulldog?

When caring for a tri-colored French bulldog, it is important to create an environment that will help them thrive. One such is adequate exercise and playtime. You should also provide good food and water and make sure they are kept warm and dry. 

Tri Color French Bulldog

Do Tri-Colored French Bulldogs Need Elevated Food Bowls?

Many people think that French Bulldogs need elevated food bowls because they are not used to eating from a floor or bowl like other dogs. They usually scatter their meals all over whenever they eat from regular bowls. It is important to remember that each dog is different and may not require an elevated food dish. However, if you are thinking of adding a French Bulldog to your home, it might be helpful to have a closer look at their diet and see if they require an elevated food bowl. 

Tri-colored french bulldog exercise

French bulldogs are large and muscular dogs that are well known for their intelligence and retrieving skills. To help them stay healthy and active, take them out for regular walks around the block. This will work their muscles, bones, and joints, help them feel good about themselves, and allow them to socialize. Their exercise needs are minimal, and a few minutes’ walk is sufficient. 

Tri-colored french bulldog Health Problems

A French bulldog can have a variety of health problems, but one of the most common is hip dysplasia. Other problems include pancreatitis, epilepsy, and heart disease. If you are concerned about your dog’s health, be sure to consult your veterinarian. 

Tri Color French Bulldog

Tri-Colored French Bulldog Price And Other expenses

The price for a tri-color french bulldog varies depending on the location, breeder reputation and other variables. Be prepared to part with thousands of dollars since tri-color French bulldogs are expensive, especially if they have a rare color combination. One of the most common expenses associated with French Bulldogs is veterinary care. Tri-color French bulldogs with the tri-gene mutation are prone to genetic health problems. Thus, vet bills can add up quickly.


Tri Color French Bulldog

Despite their popularity, tri-color French bulldogs are hard to come by, especially those with the rare color combination. They are expensive to adopt and maintain. So, if you’re considering a tri-color French bulldog, it’s important to do your research on breeders and veterinary care.


Are Tri-colored French Bulldogs Healthier Than Other Colors of Frenchies?

Ultimately, each dog is unique. However, French bulldogs with genetic mutations like tri-colors are prone to genetic health problems. However, this does not mean that they automatically have genetic health problems.

What is a Tri-gene, and What Does it Do?

A tri-gene is a genetic mutation that allows a dog to have three colors in its fur. This means that a French Bulldog has a dominant color and two other colors in patterns or markings.

Why are Tri-colored French Bulldogs so expensive?

Some of the reasons include their genetics, coloring, and coat shape. Those with rare color genes are gold mines for breeders.

Do tri-colored french bulldogs behave differently from regular french bulldogs?

Not really. They are essentially the same breed with different colors.

Tri Color French Bulldog