Discover the Cuteness of Curly French Bulldogs: Are They Worth Adopting?

Do you want a cute and cuddly pup to grace your home? If so, then you should consider getting a curly French bulldog. These adorable little dogs are full of energy, intelligence, and love that will bring joy to any household. In this article, learn more about these pups and determine if they’re worth adopting.

About the Breed

French bulldogs are a small breed known for their silly personalities and adaptability to different living environments. They usually weigh between 15-25 pounds, making them an ideal size for most homes. Frenchies also have short coats that require minimal grooming.


The origin of the curly French bulldog is unknown, but they likely descended from the English Bulldog and Toy Bulldog breeds. The first documented instance of this type of dog was in 1887, when a breeder in France created the curly French bulldog.

Personality and Temperament

Curly French bulldogs are known for their outgoing personalities and intelligence. They’re friendly and loving towards people, making them ideal companions. They also get along well with other animals, so they may be suitable if you already have pets at home.

Health and Care

Like all dogs, curly Frenchies require regular veterinary check-ups to ensure that they stay healthy. They may also need to be groomed and brushed regularly, as their curly coats can quickly become matted.

Adopting a Fluffy Frenchie

If you’re interested in adopting a curly French bulldog, there are several things to consider before bringing one home. First, you’ll need to research reputable breeders, ensuring they provide all the necessary paperwork and health checks for their puppies. You should also ask questions about the pup’s parents to ensure they come from good stock. Additionally, you’ll need to consider the cost of adoption, as curly French bulldogs are costly.


Curly French bulldogs are cheerful and loving companions that can bring joy to any household. They require regular grooming and vet visits to stay healthy, but their sweet personalities make them worth it. If you’re looking for a pup that will bring love and laughter to your home, then a curly French bulldog might be the perfect choice.


Are Fluffy Frenchies Healthy Dogs?

Yes, fluffy Frenchies can be healthy dogs with proper care and regular vet check-ups. It’s important to research reputable breeders before adopting one and ensure they provide all necessary paperwork and health checks for their puppies.

How Much Does a Fluffy Frenchie Puppy Cost?

A fluffy Frenchie puppy can range from $1,500 to $4,000. The price will depend on the quality of the pup and the breeder you choose.

Is the Temperament of a Fluffy French Bulldog the Same as a Short-Haired French Bulldog?

The temperament of both types of French bulldogs is generally similar. However, curly Frenchies have longer coats, so they may require more frequent grooming and brushing to keep their coat in good condition.

What Does a Fluffy French Bulldog Look Like?

A fluffy Frenchie has a thick and curly coat with long tufts of fur around the head and chest area. They may also have some patches of longer fur on their back or legs.