Beginners Guide To Chocolate Merle French Bulldog

Chocolate Merle Bulldog is a breed that has been bred for its black and chocolate coat. These dogs are adorable and make great companions. They are easy to train and make great family pets.

What is a merle french bulldog?

chocolate merle frenchie

This dog is mostly the same Frenchie everyone adores, but with a distinctive coat, and they come in many different colors. Merle coats can be any of several colors, including lilac, black, blue, chocolate, or white.

A chocolate French Bulldog is highly uncommon. This trait is governed by the chocolate/brown allele. The dog must receive two copies of the recessive gene from each parent in order to get this coat color.

Health and wellness

chocolate merle frenchie

Chocolate Merle French Bulldog is prone to several health issues. Some of these problems include Dental issues, Hip dysplasia, Allergies, Luxating patella, Eye infection, Skin infections, and diarrhea. But with proper care and attention, they can be healthy pets.

Here are some suggestions for taking good care of your Chocolate Merle:

  • Ensure proper hygiene
  • Keep things neat and tidy
  • Maintain a regular feeding schedule and restrict access to human foods
  • Keep their folds clean so that they don’t become a haven for bacteria due to the presence of dirt, grime, or moisture
  • Make sure your dog is healthy and in good shape by giving it light, easy exercises


chocolate merle frenchie

Like any other dog, a chocolate merle French bulldog needs to be groomed and conditioned to look its best. Start with the basics: bathing, brushing, and conditioning should always be done as part of a routine for all dogs. 

Brushing them once a week can help spread the natural oils it produces and may help you notice early signs of disease. Treat it to a bath and some conditioner once a month to keep its skin from cracking and drying out. 

Avoid using human hygiene products on your dog because they may contain substances that are dangerous to canines. Also, unless you’ve had the correct training, you shouldn’t shave your dog or cut its nails.

Training & behavior

chocolate merle frenchie

A Chocolate Merle French Bulldog is a sociable dog who enjoys attention and treats. Even though Chocolate Frenchies are small dogs, they act like big dogs. 

To keep your chocolate merle in good condition, start by providing them with training and behavior exercises to help them stay on track. They should be taught to do and respond to things like sit, stay, come, and down from a young age. If they need more praise or encouragement, give them treats occasionally.


chocolate merle frenchie

In addition to varying size and appearance, the value of a Frenchie can be significantly impacted by the rarity of its coat color. The average price for a Chocolate Merle French Bulldog may cost up to $6500 depending on condition and size. However, some people find these dogs to be worth much more than that.


chocolate merle frenchie

The Chocolate Merle is a popular dog breed that is known for its rare color and personality. The Chocolate Merle French Bulldog is a friendly dog that loves praise and rewards. With a gentle nature and loves to play, this dog is perfect for anyone looking for a loyal companion. 


How are merle french bulldogs bred?

Merle French bulldogs are bred mainly for their fur. To create the merle pattern, a dog needs only one copy of the M allele from its parent.

What type of merle french bulldogs are there?

French bulldogs with a merle pattern look amazing because their bodies are striped or spotted. They can be any solid color, such as lilac, black, blue, chocolate, or white, with stripes or dots in varied sizes and patterns.

chocolate merle frenchie