Chicago French Bulldog Rescue (CFBR)

Chicago French Bulldog Rescue (CFBR) is a non-profit organization committed to rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing French Bulldogs in Chicago. CFBR operates volunteer-led rescue efforts, fundraisers and events that help find homes for rescued or surrendered dogs of all breeds throughout the greater Chicago region. The mission of CFBR is to give displaced dogs a second chance at life by providing them with medical care, socialization training, and foster homes until the time they are adopted into permanent homes.

Available rescues and shelters in Chicago

The French Bulldog Community has built an active community dedicated to helping all French Bulldogs find loving forever homes in the greater Chicago Area. One of the most prominent organizations is CFBR, which operates a successful rescue program that provides medical care and rehabilitation for surrendered or rescued dogs before they are placed with approved adopters.

CFBR works with French Bulldog Village, another Chicago-based rescue organization that helps connect potential adopters to rescues and shelters nearby as well as provides education on responsible pet ownership. In addition, they operate a foster home program for recently surrendered dogs before transferring them to more permanent facilities like CFBR or other area shelters and rescues.

There are also many other local animal shelters in the Chicagoland area that accept incomplete French bulldogs from owners who can no longer care for them or from rescue centers located outside the city. Not all shelters have an immediate opening, so CFBR and French Bulldog Village help with coordinating these transfers to ensure that there are always foster homes available for incoming rescued dogs.

Reasons why people put French Bulldogs up for adoption

There are a variety of reasons why owners may choose to put their French Bulldogs up for adoption such as financial struggles/expenses, changes in the family dynamic, lack of training and socialization skills possessed by the dog

In some cases, owners may surrender their French Bulldogs because they are unable to commit to the long-term commitment necessary for owning a pup. The more common reasons often stem from financial constraints or lifestyle changes that mean an owner cannot give the pup adequate attention or provide adequate care. Additionally, a lack of training and socialization skills possessed by the pup can lead owners to surrender their pups for adoption in order to find them better homes where they will be well taken care of.

Adopting a French Bulldog

Adopting a French Bulldog from CFBR is an easy process that begins with submitting an application form on the rescue’s website. Every applicant must fulfil certain criteria in order to be approved; the main factors being good physical health, financial means to manage the pet’s needs and having an appropriate living situation suitable for a pup. Once this form is received, CFBR or French Bulldog Village reviews it before considering approving the applicant as an adopter.

Once applicants are approved, they can meet potential pups by attending adoption events at one of CFBR’s foster homes or partner shelters. During these events, prospective owners can learn more about the pup’s history, temperament and health to ensure that they are providing the best home for their new companion.

Fundraising opportunities and events

CFBR also provides a variety of fundraising opportunities such as the “Carolines Foster Program” which raises funds for medical care for pups receiving foster homes through CFBR. In addition, fundraisers run by Darkbark (a 501c3 charity organization) help provide resources towards CFBR such as toys, blankets and food to help the rescued pups in their care.

Different adoption events are held throughout the year as a way for prospective adopters to meet with rescues directly and find out about upcoming opportunities for adopting or volunteering at an organization. Not all of these are official fundraising occasions; many just serve to provide information regarding rescuing French Bulldogs from local shelters or from volunteers fostering pups until they can be adopted into permanent homes.


Chicago French Bulldog Rescue (CFBR) is an excellent local organization that helps displaced French Bulldogs find loving forever homes in the greater Chicagoland area. With their dedication to providing adequate sustainable foster and The Adoption Process and requirements necessary for owners who are interested in providing a home for rescued pups, CFBR has helped provide quality care for hundreds of dogs since its inception. In addition to offering adoption opportunities through fundraising events or direct contact with fosters, CFBR and French Bulldog Village also regularly hosts educational events on responsible pet ownership as well.

For those interested in adopting a rescued pup from the Chicagoland area, CFBR provides an excellent opportunity to provide a loving home for one of these animals in need. Every individual should look into what organizations like CFBR are doing when deciding whether or not they are ready for this big commitment and become part of the solution by supporting rescues that advocate for French Bulldogs everywhere!