Celebs With French Bulldogs

Love for dogs is universal, and nobody exemplifies this more than celebrities. Whether it’s the adorable small breeds or extremely graceful large ones – one of the most popular canine choices amongst Hollywood stars is undeniably French Bulldogs. So much so that they’ve earned themselves the nickname ‘Hollywood Dogs’. Let us take a look at some famous celeb-French Bulldog combinations out there!


Celebrities – and even non-celebs! – have been head over heels for French Bulldogs for a while now. This sturdy little breed, despite being relatively smaller in size than its counterparts, retains immense energy and loyalty to its owner or family. With their unique physical appearance (bowl-shaped face mask, erect bat ears!) that is nothing less than instantly recognizable, it’s easy to understand why the stars find them appealing.

List of Celebrities with French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs have long been a favorite among celebrities, with some big names owning one. Here is an incomplete list of some Hollywood celebs who are said to have owned or currently own what has come to be known as ‘Hollywood’s Favorite Breed’.

* Lady Gaga owns two – named Miss Asia Kinney and Koji

* Hugh Jackman has three dogs: Dali (a Frenchie), Allegra and Ava

* Taylor Swift owns a French Bulldog named Meredith

* Jamie Lee Curtis also has three: Pan, Rufus and Philip

* Zoe Saldana’s two Frenchie-Pug cross puppies are Bowie and Ziggy.

* Ashton Kutcher is the proud owner of Welch (Bulldog-French Bulldog breed) as well as an all-white French bulldog called Lulu

Famous French Bulldogs Owned by Celebrities

Many celebrities’ dogs are already popular for their quirky, fancy names and uncannily human-like personalities. Here is a list of some who have captivated people’s hearts:

* Lady Gaga’s Miss Asia Kinney, with her missing ear which was due to an incident that happened before the star adopted her.

* Hugh Jackman’s four-legged pal Dali – a white Frenchie with one ear black, the other white!

* Taylor Swift’s adorably cute Meredith. The ‘You Need To Calm Down’ singer got her French Bulldog in 2014 and since then have been inseparable.

* Zoe Saldana’s Bowie and Ziggy Star-Pugs – wearing fashionable jerseys to games and making headlines almost every day!

* Ashton Kutcher’s persistent companion Lulu – a white Frenchie with one black eye visible from her snow-colored fur.

Why Celebrities Love French Bulldogs

Frenchies have always been very popular, partly because of their comically large bat–shaped ears as well as their fascinatingly expressive eyebrows which are said to resemble humans. As most celebrities have an affinity toward precious and tiny breeds, French Bulldogs are an excellent choice for them.

Here are some of the reasons why so many stars prefer this breed:

* They make adorable pets; they do not require much space to stay happy but like keeping their human friends entertained!

* Unlike most other small-sized dogs, they have a historic background as a powerful dog breeder rather than just being bred specifically as lapdogs. This comes with the option of incorporating occasional exercise regimes while having all the cute, pet-like qualities of smaller races.

* They adapt well to family environments, being calm around both children and adults alike.

* The thick coat on them helps them with insulation and prevents anxiety illnesses triggered by extreme weather changes as most Frenchie owners have found out first-hand!

Conclusion and Additional Resources

French Bulldogs are certainly an attractive choice for celebrities due to their physical traits as well as their temperaments. They have become a symbol of luxury and status, so it’s not surprising to find them on the laps of Hollywood stars like Lady Gaga or Zoe Saldana. For those who are still reflecting upon whether they should purchase one for themselves – there are plenty of resources online that will help you get educated about them!

Overall, French Bulldogs can be the perfect companion for pet owners looking for something more loyal than just looks: from Hugh Jackman’s Dali to Lady Gaga’s Koji, these Hollywood dogs can provide endless entertainment and fun for anyone who owns them.