Can French Bulldogs Board Flights? A Guide To Travel With Your Frenchie

Do you love traveling with your pets? Is it your first time getting a Frenchie to board a flight?

Luckily, this guide is for you.

This article will fly high up in the sky, giving you the best information for you to handle your Frenchie in one of your very best travels with them. Fasten your seatbelt and let’s go!

Can French Bulldogs Fly on Airplanes?

Lilac French Bulldog

Frenchies can fly, but it depends on choosing the best flight path, getting the suitable airline dog carrier, and getting ready for the journey in advance. Let’s examine how you may provide your dog with the safest and most comfortable travel imaginable.

The Pre-Flight Steps

Consider Your Dog’s Personality And Health

Fawn French Bulldogs

Scheduling a vet visit is the first thing you should do before you reserve a trip for yourself and your Frenchie. Even if your dog is the healthiest in the neighborhood, it is always preferable to get professional advice before taking your dog in the air. Also, be important to let your veterinarian know about your vacation intentions so they may offer their opinion. The majority of domestic flights don’t call for a health certificate, but if you’re going internationally, your dog will need one.

Choose The Time of Travel And Notify The Airline

How to Choose the Best Time of Day

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It is imperative that you look for a flight early in the day or late at night. The flights won’t be unbearably hot during these times (especially in the summertime).

In Warmer Environments

If you reside in a hotter climate, attempt to schedule your travel for early in the morning or late at night to avoid a hot cabin.

In Colder Environments

In chilly climates, take a trip in the middle of the day or bring a blanket for your French bulldog.

Choosing the Perfect Seat

In order to exit the aircraft quickly after landing, we also advise that you select a seat as close to the front of the aircraft as you can.

There’s nothing worse than being stuck in the back of the plane when it lands and they turn off the air conditioning… it gets so hot!

Notify the Airline

french bulldog hypoallergenic

As mentioned earlier, it’s important to contact the airline to verify whether or not they have any restrictions on specific breeds such as French Bulldogs.

Rules are always changing, and the last thing you want to do is be rejected at the gate.

Book In Advance

We recommend you make your reservations well in advance to secure a spot for your pet.

Pet spots are limited

Airlines limit the number of pets allowed on a single flight so book your flight early to avoid any inconveniences.

At The Airport

Give Your Dog Potty Time Before Boarding

Lilac French Bulldog

It is best to get a scheduled flight prior to your dog’s potty time of routine.

But to make sure they won’t potty while being on the plane, give them time to process what they have to do and make sure that they’ll potty exactly at the right time.

You can’t let them potty on the plane unless you have put a dog diaper on your Frenchie.

Put Your TSA-Approved Bag With Your Dog Right Under Your Legs

French Bulldog

The safest thing you could do is to mind your dog and keep them under your surveillance. With your TSA-Approved dog bag, put them under your legs always, and never forget them!

They might cause a ruckus, or even get stressed because of passengers that will board the plane. Let your dog feel safer with you wherever you go in the airport before the flight.

Bring A Travel Water Bowl For Your Dog

Staying hydrated is important for your Frenchie. Since they are prone to heating, a drink would always help them get to their ideal temperature always. 

Portable pet water bottles are a great choice for them. Always be alert of what your Frenchie asks you, especially with getting hydrated at the airport and on the flight.


Frenchies are great to handle when traveling. Most of the time, although they are susceptible to hot conditions, can relax while flying with you. These dogs aren’t only for homes, but also they love vacations with you! But make sure to prepare a lot, because they are in need of many preparations before boarding with you on your next trip.


How Do You Travel with a French Bulldog?

With a TSA-approved bag where your Frenchie can stay, they can travel with you wherever you go. Get an airline that approves pets as passengers and you’re good to go with your Frenchie.

What Airlines Are the Most Pet Friendly?

Alaska, Southwest and Frontier tops the list, but regardless of airline, flying with a pet will be expensive

Will My Dog Be Okay During the Flight

Dogs generally travel well and don’t require any special care or medicine. On the other hand, some dogs are really stressed out when they travel by plane. If your dog doesn’t travel well, talk to your vet about the ideal travel itinerary for him.

What to bring when traveling with your Frenchie?

Food and water dishes, secure collar with current ID tags, leash, and safety harness are a must to bring when traveling with your Frenchie.