Blue French Bulldog Price: How Much Does This Rare Pup Cost?

French bulldogs have become increasingly popular family pets in the past several years due to their friendly personalities, compact size and low-shedding coats. This breed had its roots in 19th-century England when breeders attempted to create a smaller version of the English bulldog; today’s Frenchies are descendants of this original crossbreeding.

Blue French Bulldogs, also known as Blue Steel or Slate-colored French Bulldogs, are special in that they have unique coat colors and markings not found in other breeds. In this article, we will investigate how various factors can affect their price and whether owning a blue French Bulldog may be an affordable way for families to add a loyal companion into their lives.

Blue French Bulldog Characteristics

Blue French Bulldog


The blue variety of the French Bulldog can be recognized by their uncommonly dark coats, which are usually a mixture of charcoal or slate shades and typically have small areas of lighter fur around their eyes, on the back and sides of their heads. They also may feature white patches along their chest area, shoulders or paws, and they typically grow to an average weight of 15 to 25 pounds.

Temperament and Behavior

Blue French Bulldogs possess the same loving personalities that all Frenchies have, featuring an overall calm demeanor but also great enthusiasm for playing once their owners initiate playtime activities with them. They can easily be trained due to their high intelligence level, making them well-behaved housemates even when not given consistent rounds of obedience classes or directions from owners throughout the day.

Blue French Bulldog

Grooming Needs

Due to having a short and sleek coat, Blue French Bulldogs do not require much in the way of grooming. Regular brushing will help to keep them clean, and their fur shiny without requiring too much effort; trips to professional groomers may be necessary once every few months for clipping nails and baths as needed.

Exercise Requirements

This breed possesses moderate energy levels that make it an ideal choice for families who would like to enjoy walks together but also get plenty of time indoors, so visits from friends or family can be accommodated. Playing with their owners or other family pets is usually enough for them to get any excess energy out and maintain overall health without needing too much strenuous physical activity.

Care Guide

French Bulldogs are generally considered a healthy breed, although there have been some hereditary issues that can arise, such as luxating patella (dislocation of the kneecap), breathing problems during warmer temperatures due to having unusually soft palate in the throat, hip dysplasia and allergies susceptible to environmental allergens such as dust, pollen and grass. Regular visits to the veterinarian for proper health maintenance are recommended so any potential problems can be identified early on.

Factors Affecting the Price of Blue French Bulldogs

Blue French Bulldog

Breeding Difficulties

Since they have a short muzzle and wide head shape, it can be difficult for two French Bulldogs to create successful litters due to mating difficulties that may arise; professional breeders rely on artificial insemination for successful breeding, a process that can increase the cost of producing puppies.

Supply and Demand

When demand is high for French Bulldogs or Blue French Bulldog puppies specifically, breeders may raise their prices due to a lack of availability overall; if you are shopping for one at this time frame, then expect increased demands on your budget if official documents such as pedigree papers have been included by the breeder with each puppy sold.

Blue French Bulldog


Different areas of the country can have varying costs for Blue French Bulldog puppies due to factors such as transportation, veterinarian fees, taxes and other fuel expenses associated with delivery or pick-up of the puppy; it is important you understand what your overall cost will be before any purchase even though breeders may give a discount if picked up in person by potential owners.


Puppy papers indicating a detailed lineage of their purebred parents will be provided by breeders in order to prove authenticity when selling; while not all owners may consider pedigree papers necessary if they plan on having the dog as just a pet and not competing in dedicated competitions or shows, it can still raise the price significantly since these documents are required for legal recognition.

Blue French Bulldog

Age and Gender

Generally, puppies between 8-12 weeks old will cost around $1,000, depending on litter size. Where available, males/females will be priced higher due to preference among potential buyers; adult Blue French Bulldogs may be cheaper in comparison, but the price range is still comparable between genders, while elderly members of this breed usually cost around half the initial purchase price at local rescues or shelters.

Blue French Bulldog Price

Blue French Bulldog

Average Price of French Bulldogs

When discussing how much a puppy will cost, it can depend on several factors such as pedigree papers, size of the breeders’ litter and geographical location. Most standard French Bulldogs cost between $1,500 – $3,000, particularly if pedigree papers are provided along with the pup, while some can exceed this range due to in-demand traits such as blue or rare colored coats.

French Bulldog Price Chart

Listed below is a chart depicting an estimated cost comparison between genders based on what type of documents (if any) will be issued by the breeder when purchasing a puppy:

  • Males (with papers) – $2,500 – $5,000
  • Females (with papers)– $3,000 – $6,000
  • Males (without papers) – $500 – $2,000
  • Females (without papers) –$1,500 – $3,500

Blue French Bulldog

French Bulldog Puppy Expenses

In addition to the above cost discrepancies between genders as well as documents provided, there are other associated puppy needs that buyers should include in their annual budget plans, such as veterinary examinations and vaccinations, along with food items and toys as needed.

How Much Does a Blue French Bulldog Cost?

On average, a blue French Bulldog will cost anywhere between $1,500 – $4,000 depending on the aforementioned factors such as if papers have been provided by the breeder or not and what age/gender of the pup has particular appeal with potential owners.

Blue French Bulldog

What Is Included in Our Prices?

When interested buyers purchase blue French Bulldogs from any reputable source, they should expect that the pup has been professionally health examined and given up-to-date vaccinations if old enough to do so. Additionally, information on nutrition and other detailed care advice will be provided to ensure owners feel comfortable with their new pet in home environments as well as have access to follow-up contact with knowledgeable breeders who can answer any questions or concerns over time.

Blue French Bulldog

Is It Expensive to Own a French Bulldog?

Since it is not possible for anyone unfamiliar with a particular breed to give accurate expenses associated with raising fur kids, here is an estimated break-down of the annual cost that any future owner should consider:

  • Food – $20 – $60 per month
  • Veterinary Care – Around $500 for annual checkups, vaccinations and additional emergency services as needed.
  • Toys/Supplies– Around $100 for chew toys and grooming accessories

Should You Get a Blue French Bulldog?

Blue French Bulldog

Pros and Cons of Owning a Blue French Bulldog

Before deciding on whether this is the right breed for your family, here’s an overview of what to consider before allowing fur kids into their lives:


Highly trainable due to high intelligence level; low-maintenance; short coat makes them easy to groom; great for apartment living and can handle warm weather; loyal companions that interact with their owners more than average breeds.


Prone to breathing difficulties when exercising in warmer climates; short snouts increase the chances of having dental issues over time due to poor dental hygiene habits common among this breed specifically; extra care is needed during summertime or extremely cold winters due to being primarily housed indoors.


Blue French Bulldog

French Bulldog puppies are high-energy and require general maintenance to ensure they stay healthy and happy in their new home. While the cost of Blue French Bulldogs can be greater than what one might normally budget for a pup, if researched carefully, there are plenty of reputable sources available that will provide an affectionate companion for your family at reasonable costs when ensuring quality needs have been met along with any required documents as applicable.


Final Thoughts on Blue French Bulldog Price

Blue French Bulldog

When it comes to the price of a Blue French Bulldog, many factors can come into play in determining its value. Breeders may increase prices based on demand or current costs associated with successful mating, while location and official documents provided have to be considered as well when shopping for one from any registered source in order properly budget annual expenses after new puppies arrive home.

Owning a Frenchie is not necessarily an expensive endeavor; if research is done beforehand, acquiring proper items such as dog crates or adequate chew toys will ensure that any necessary items are covered without breaking the bank. Blue French Bulldogs provide an ideal companion for small apartments and homes, as they feature great personalities while enjoying fun adventures with their owners; if you have considered adopting one into your family after reading this article, then our best wishes go out to you on finding a loving companion at prices within your budget range!