American Bully French Bulldog Mix: A Unique and Lovable Canine Blend

The French Bulldog-American Bully crossbreed is a friendly designer dog that combines the outgoing personality of a French Bulldog with the muscle structure, stature, and sporting bloodlines of an American Bully.

American Bully French Bulldog mix

american bully french bulldog mix

The exact origin of this rare breed is difficult to track down due to its recent introduction within the designer dog world and the lack of historical records on the topic. It can be assumed that both countries, America and France, were involved in mixing these two distinct bloodlines, likely bringing together lines from the United States Bulldog and the French Bulldog to create what is known as the American Bully Mix French Bulldog.

Appearance-wise, these canines usually boast a slightly longer muzzle than most standard American Bulldogs, featured with soft folds on either side of their face and short, close-lying fur. They range greatly in size based on which parent breed they are favored after; however, typically, grown adults measure between 17 to 21 inches tall at their shoulders and weigh anywhere from 50-65 pounds. They possess a stocky build and strong features, along with the signature long ears of the French Bulldog. Furthermore, their coats appear in a variety of colors from black to blue to fawn and, more often than not, have white markings across their chest or back half as well.

The American Bully Mix French Bulldog has an exceptionally friendly disposition that makes them great for families opting for smaller family pets; however, like any other breeds, they may suffer from some form of skittishness and separation anxiety if not properly trained and socialized at an early age. They are typically very active dogs that do require regular exercise in order to level off their emotions; they tend to bond closely with their owners, so crate training is actually helpful for calming them down during times of stress or anxiety. Additionally, since this breed contains some strong hunting bloodlines, certain American Bully Mix French Bulldog dogs have the potential to be aggressive toward small animals like cats.

american bully french bulldog mix

As far as health issues go, these mixed breeds tend to exhibit the same conditions that their parent breeds are prone to. This includes patellar luxation and chondrodysplasia (short legs), both of which should be monitored closely with genetics tests in order to ensure any existing concerns are addressed properly before they manifest into something worse. They can also experience certain respiratory problems as well due to their shorter snouts driving many owners towards common medications or treatment options provided by experienced veterinarians throughout a pet’s life. On average, these designer dogs live between 9-13 years, with a few crossing the 15-year mark depending on overall health and lifestyle choices incorporated into their everyday routines.

As for grooming needs, American Bully Mix French Bulldog owners should brush out any tangles and knots regularly so as not to cause skin irritations or discomfort within their furry friends. Their coats tend to shed slightly throughout the entire year; however, due to their shorter hair length, they are incredibly easy to maintain with bi-weekly baths and require minimal equipment for trimming or cutting away excess fur around the face or in between their paw pads.

american bully french bulldog mix

Finally, American Bully Mix French Bulldogs have a strong ability to be trained properly with the right combination of patience and consistency. Since they are highly athletic dogs that enjoy going on walks, hikes, dog parks, and more, they benefit greatly from activities such as agility training – both mentally stimulating them and keeping their body physically active at all times. As far as commands are concerned, these pets learn the basics quickly and can even enjoy activity-related rewards such as a game of fetch or tug o’ war without too much fuss. In order for their education to be successful, owners should make sure to maintain consistent schedules when it comes to specific behaviors; being able to predict certain commands and follow through with them in various situations is important when building rapport between humans and dogs alike.

Things to know when owning an American French Bulldog

american bully french bulldog mix

Having one of these designer dogs in the house can require additional adjustments on everyone’s parts – owners should be aware of any potential danger and take necessary precautions such as having access to places like dog parks that are away from people and other animals, providing playtime alternatives for their fur babies if ever unable to properly let off steam and keeping their dietary needs in full consideration at all times.

It is also important to stay educated about the many nuances that come with owning a large dog, such as tooth cleaning, nail trimming and general bathing habits – creating records for each session can help keep track of maintenance operations, both completed and those needing optimization. Additionally, having intentional family time together without exceptions allows the owners to partake in more focused training regimens while providing these puppies with the mental stimulation they crave during down days or times when away from physical activity.

american bully french bulldog mix

Finally, the American French Bulldog should be monitored for signs of separation anxiety, such as digging or escaping under fences – preventing these issues before they start by investing in crates and doggy daycare services may prove to help with situations that require constant supervision. With enough patience and attention, owners can construct ideal lifestyles for their furry friends where both parties are able to achieve a balance between work, play and education, ultimately producing an environment filled with unconditional love while producing some of the most loyal four-legged companions this side of town.


american bully french bulldog mix

In conclusion, the American Bully mix French Bulldog is an active and fun-loving designer cross that often produces puppies with great family disposition. Combining the best physical traits from both parent breeds and developing strong emotional attachments to their owners, these hybrids can bring joy while requiring minimal maintenance in terms of proper care – though specific knowledge should be obtained before adoption due to potential health issues. With enough research and preparation, these ‘lap-sized’ dogs can provide real companionship throughout the many stages of a household’s life cycle.