A new Breed to Love – All About the Frenchie Chinese Crested Mixed Dog

If you’re looking for a loving and devoted companion, the Frenchie-Crested mixed dog is the perfect breed for you!  The Frenchie-Crested mixed dog is a cross between the French Bulldog and the Chinese Crested. As such, they inherit some of the best qualities of both breeds. If you’re looking for a dog who will bring joy into your life, the Frenchie-Crested is the perfect breed for you!

Personality and temperament

If you’re looking for a new breed of dog to love, you might want to consider the Frenchie-Crested mix. This unique combination of breeds is known for its gentle temperament and affectionate nature. Here are some key characteristics of the Frenchie-Crested’s temperament: 

  1. Affectionate: The Frenchie-Crested loves to be around its family and is always eager to show its love. This makes it a great pet for those who are looking for a loyal companion. 
  2. Easygoing: The Frenchie-Crested is a mellow dog that doesn’t require a lot of exercise or stimulation. It’s perfect for owners who have busy lifestyles and limited time to spend with their pets. 
  3. Gentle: The Frenchie-Crested is known for being an especially gentle and tolerant dog. It makes a great choice for families with young children or seniors who need a gentle companion.

When it comes to their temperament, these dogs tend to be quite independent and can handle being left alone for short periods of time. They are also very adaptable and can adjust quickly to new environments or situations. While they may bark at strangers, they will usually settle down quickly once they get familiar with the person. 

Appearance and Grooming

The French Bulldog mixed with Chinese Crested is a designer breed that can inherit a variety of physical traits from both parent breeds. One unique trait that some of these mixes may inherit from their Chinese Crested parent is hairlessness, or a minimal amount of hair on the body. In this case, grooming needs would be minimal and the dog’s skin would need to be cared for in the absence of fur. However, if the mix inherits a coat from the French Bulldog parent, it will require regular grooming to keep it in good condition. Additionally, both parent breeds have wrinkles, so proper cleaning and maintenance of these areas will be important to prevent skin infections or irritation. Overall, grooming needs will vary depending on the individual dog’s coat type, but regular care and attention will help keep the dog looking and feeling their best.

Health and Life expectancy

Health issues are common in the Frenchie-Chinese Crested mix. Their parents both suffered from luxating patellas, hip dysplasia, dry eyes, collapsed tracheas, and allergies, hence these conditions are also present in their offspring. How much your hybrid’s conformation impacts her respiration will have a major impact on her expected lifespan. You may anticipate your French Bulldog Chinese Crested to live for 12 or 13 years if you keep it away from the heat and make sure it stays at a healthy weight for its build.

Training and Exercise

The Frenchie-Crested is an active breed that loves exercise and playtime. They need regular physical activity to stay healthy and happy. Long walks or hikes in the park would be perfect for them. However, it’s important to note that these dogs have delicate skin that can easily become injured if not properly cared for. So it’s essential that you provide your pup with adequate protection when outside for walks or playtime.

Price and Monthly expenses 

You should expect to spend between $50 and $80 per month on premium dog food and treats for your Frenchie-Chinese Crested. For around $30-$200, you can get your hands on a reliable crate. Prices for collars and leashes typically range between $15 and $50. This hybrid will set you back between $100 and $300 for the first visit.


The Frenchie-Crested, in general, is a great pick for anyone looking for a loving and playful family pet. French Bulldogs and Chinese Cresteds have hybridized to create the Frenchie-Crested. This means they share some of the best traits of both parent breeds. This puppy could be the perfect companion if you’re searching for a trustworthy pal.


Approximately how long does a Frenchie-Chinese Crested cross live?

There is no reason why a healthy Frenchie-Chinese Crested can’t live to be 13 years old. Breeding, care, diet, and genetics all play a role in the lifespan of this hybrid, thus the exact figure is difficult to pin down.

Can I get a good deal on a Frenchie-Chinese Crested mix?

Saving money by adopting a Frenchie or Chinese Crested from a shelter rather than buying one from a breeder is possible. Avoid that breeder at all costs if they offer French bulldog puppies for an absurdly low price.

Does this breed make a decent pet for kids?

Frenchie-Cresteds’ sociable and outgoing natures are one of their greatest selling points. These canines are well-liked by kids as playmates because of their friendly demeanor. They are friendly and outgoing, and they enjoy human company and other pets.