The Drippy Truth: A Guide To French Bulldog Drooling

Drooling and licking are common behaviors in dogs, but they can also be signs of a more serious problem. If your French bulldog is drooling and licking his or her mouth excessively, it may be indicative of a lack of saliva production. This can lead to problems such as periodontitis, a condition that causes inflammation of the teeth.

Why is my French Bulldog drooling?

Your French Bulldog is drooling because he has a toothache. It’s not unusual for bulldogs to drool, but this is a sign that the dog has a toothache. If you notice your French Bulldog drooling more than once a day, it might be time to get him some relief from his toothache by taking him to the veterinarian.

Common reasons for excessive French bulldog drooling

1) They may be feeling stressed or anxious because of their breed’s popularity or lifestyle.

2) They may beamusical due to their powerful jaws and teeth.

3) They may have a high prey drive and may become overwhelmed if they’re not given enough exercise or interaction.

4) They may be licking themselves because of excitement or boredom (or just because they’re very clean).

Excessive drooling could be a sign of bigger issues

Excessive Drooling can be a sign of more serious issues such as digestive problems, pancreatitis or even meningitis. If your French bulldog is drooling more than usual, it is probably time to get him checked out by a veterinarian.

Drooling is often a sign of anxiety or stress

French bulldogs are known for their drool, which is a reflexive action of the mouth that is often seen in dogs that are excited or anxious. When drooling becomes a regular occurrence, it can be a sign that your dog is feeling overwhelmed or stressed.

Dental and mouth issues

Dental and mouth issues can cause a lot of problems for your French bulldog. If left untreated, these problems can lead to drool, periodontitis, and other dental problems. You should always be aware of the signs that your dog is having trouble with his dental health and take appropriate action to help him out. 

What other signs can help you work out why your dog is drooling?

Some of these signs may include: being wet from the mouth, generally having a lack of saliva in his mouth, or drooling from any area of the mouth. If you notice any of these signs, then it would be best to bring your dog to a veterinarian for an evaluation. ‘

When to consult a vet about drooling

Some experts say that drooling can be a sign of an underlying problem such as a tummy ache, a heart disease, or a tumor. If your bulldog is drooling more than once a day, it might be time to get him checked out by a veterinarian. 

How can I stop my Frenchie’s drooling?

There are many things that can help to stop your Frenchie from drooling, but one of the most important things is to be consistent with their feeding. If you change their food often or give them a different variety of food than they are used to, then they may start drooling because they are trying to get the new food into their mouth. Additionally, it is important to make sure that you keep an eye on them when drooling and if they seem especially bothered by it, then you may need to take them for a checkup.


French Bulldogs are known for their drooling and saliva glands. However, there are other reasons why your bulldog may be drooling or leaking saliva. Some of these reasons could be indicative of a health issue, such as an infection or a tumor. If you have any concerns about your bulldog’s drooling or saliva leakage, schedule an appointment with your veterinarian to get the latest information on his health.


Does French bulldog’s underbite add to the drooling?

Underbite may be one of the more common causes of drooling. If you’re worried about your dog’s drool, take a look at his mouth and see if there are any problems. If you find that his tongue is inserted too deeply into his lower jaw, it might be indicative of an underbite. This problem can cause his tongue to protrude and make it difficult for him to swallow or drink. 

What Are The Health Concerns Related to drooling French Bulldogs

Dogs who drool excessively are at high risk for several health concerns. The most common is dehydration, which can lead to lost blood flow and swelling around the mouth and tongue. Other health concerns that may arise from excessive drooling include dental problems, infectious diseases, and neurologic problems.

Has your frenchie eaten a wasp?

Your Frenchie is being exposed to wasps too often – if your Frenchie sees a wasp in the environment, he will likely try to eat it. This can lead to drool and other forms of body language that say he’s enjoying the experience. If you’re worried about your Frenchie being bitten by a wasp, make sure he’s been kept out of close contact with them (like at home) when they’re flying around.