Clean French Bulldog Ears

It’s important for all pet owners to understand the importance of cleaning their pets’ ears, and this is especially true when it comes to French bulldogs. As a relatively low-maintenance breed, they require regular ear cleanings to prevent dirt, wax or debris from building up in their inner ear canals which could result in infections or other medical issues if left unchecked. In addition, dirty ears may cause some discomfort or irritation to your pet. This article will explain why cleaning french bulldog ears is important, and provide comprehensive tips for a successful ear-cleaning session.

Why Cleaning French Bulldog Ears Is Important

French bulldogs are prone to ear infections as their long, floppy ears can often trap dirt and moisture easily. Regular cleanings help keep the inner portion of the ear canal clear from wax and debris that could cause an infection. This is especially important as untreated ear infections in French bulldogs can be extremely painful and have serious health implications like loss of balance or hearing, not to mention the annoyance caused by the itching and scratching that often follows. Furthermore, ear cleanings help maintain healthy ears which improves the overall well-being of your pet.

General Ear Cleaning Tips

When it comes to cleaning French bulldog ears, there are certain tools you’ll need to ensure maximum efficiency and safety. These include ear cleanser, cotton balls or gauze pads, tweezers and a cleaning brush. Additionally, during the cleaning session, you should be careful not to insert the tools too deep into your pet’s ears as this could cause damage or discomfort. It is also essential that all surfaces are clean before starting the ear-cleaning session

How Often Should You Clean Your French Bulldog Ears?

How often you should clean your pet’s ears largely depends on the individual pet, but generally speaking, ear cleaning should take place at least once a week. This can be modified to accommodate more or less frequent cleansing depending on factors such as your pet’s lifestyle, their activity level and whether they have any underlying medical conditions that could increase their risk of infection. If ever unsure it is best to check with a qualified veterinarian who will provide guidance tailored specifically for your pup.

Signs Of Ear Infections In French Bulldogs

Ear infections in French bulldogs can go undetected if not monitored correctly, and this is why it’s important to keep an eye out for any possible symptoms that could indicate a problem. Common signs of infection include redness or swelling around the ear canal, abnormal discharge from the ears as well as excessive scratching or pawing at the head area. If you detect such behavior then you should immediately contact your vet for a check-up.

How to Clean French Bulldog Ears

Before beginning, it is best that the pet has been exercised, so they are relaxed and calm before cleaning begins. To start off, pour some ear cleaner into a clean container as too much can be uncomfortable and damaging if our pup reacts suddenly while trying to get away from the liquid in their ears. Once prepared gently place your pet on its side, tilt its head towards you and directly insert the cotton ball or gauze pad with some of the ear solution in it into your French bulldog’s ear. Be slow and gentle so as to not scare them or cause any discomfort. Gently massage your pet’s ears while removing as much dirt, wax and discharge as possible before using tweezers to remove excess debris that may remain stuck in the inner portion of the canal. Finally use a soft-bristled cleaning brush to scrub the inner ear and remove any remaining built-up wax.

When To See Your Vet

If your pet is showing signs of infection then it’s best that you take them to a qualified veterinarian as soon as possible who can prescribe proper treatment such as antibiotics or steroids, depending on what type of infection they have. While rare, if an untreated bacterial infection develops in the inner ear canal this could possibly lead to permanent hearing loss.


Cleaning French bulldog ears is an important part of their health routine and should be performed regularly according to the guidelines provided in this article. There are serious consequences if infections go untreated, so it’s essential that pet owners recognise potential signs of infection before they develop into something more dangerous or damaging. Make sure you consult your vet whenever any symptoms of ear infections appear and take all precautions when cleaning your pet’s ears.